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Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Cooperative, small-scale project
Deadline 2017/2018
Cultural operator(s)
Name Le Monde des Possibles (Belgium)
Short description
Training center for asylum seekers and refugees. French as second
language and ICT trainings – Legal & social support – 205 trainees per
week / 69 nationalities / 410 languages – www.possibles.org
Contact details
Didier Van der Meeren – lemondedespossibles@sgmail.com – 0032-
Le Monde des Possibles – 97 rue des Champs – 4020 Liège (Belgium)

Field(s) Babylon project – Interdisciplinary issues on a cultural cooperative
We want to develop a young migrant cultural cooperative1 based on a transnational learning method by peer review experiences. With the cooperative framework, we want to implement a peer review method as a key instrument to support an inclusive development and planning process for young migrants cultural projects. This method will compare benchmarks or template in details with a very diverse set of local and regional cultural projects across partner countries where the employment rates of young migrant are low.

For each cultural project, Babylon will particularly focus on:
Theme 1 – Validating young Migrant Competences: projects where young
migrants are helped into jobs by getting recognition for their cultural skills
and abilities + training on management cooperative skills
Theme 2 – Fostering the Development of Anti-discrimination Skills:
strategies to help intermediaries and employers to reduce discrimination
and other barriers to employment.
By building a more inclusive, influential cultural cooperative structure, a
European enabling environment will be created for young migrants. This
in turn will permit them to create and access economic & cultural
opportunities which are currently lacking in regions for vulnerable young
migrant people.

Partners searched
Countries Europe
Cultural centers, theaters, artistic schools, artists, cultural
partners/facilities with potential migrant publics interested by the
promotion of their cultural skills. Professionals unions/circular
economy operators and trade unions interested by the cooperative
model in the cultural field/artistic issues.


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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Small or Large  scale Cooperation projects
Deadline January 2018

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Southampton Solent University
Short description Southampton Solent School of Art, Design and Fashion is leading innovation in the creative industries. Voted as being one of the UK’s most creative universities by students taking part in the 2014 Which? University Student Survey. SSU has Post Doc experts in the creative sector. The University offers creative knowledge and resources across all visual art forms including Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Illustration, Fine Art, Fashion, Architecture and the built environment.

SADF also run an art gallery and award winning creative retail enterprise:

  • Re:So is the first fully fledged student enterprise space to open in a UK shopping centre, As well as being a successful student run shop. Re:So is both an inspirational space for exhibitions, and a forum for educational projects, seminars and guest lectures, where creative industry professionals can meet and share ideas
  • Solent Showcase was the first major addition to Southampton’s emerging culture and arts district. The gallery strives to encourage engagement, discussion and participation across the entire local community.
Contact details Joe Ross, Project and Communications Officer
+44 7894 939521


Field(s)  Visual Communication including Graphic Design, Graphic arts, Digital arts, Fashion, Architecture, Heritage, Illustration,
Description Southampton Solent University are interested in partnering on a projects in the field of Visual  Arts and Creative Retail (Re:So) Gallery (Showcase)

Areas of expertise include: Research, Enterprise and Innovation. Support for early career artists, residencies, digital product development for audience engagement, Participatory arts. Internationalizing emerging artist’s careers.

Cross sector project that combines eg arts and culture with science and technology, Sports and arts, Enterprise and arts

, Environmental and sustainable arts

Partners searched

Countries all
Profile ALL 


Previous projects include:
TNCE Trans National Creative Exchange
https://joom.ag/vQxWVIVID (Value Increase through Visual Design) VIVID. http://www.vivideurope.net/



Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme:
Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme

European cooperation projects (smaller or larger scale)

Deadline of the strand Deadline: autumn 2017
Deadline for confirming your interest in this partnership
Ideally by 30 September 2017

Cultural operator
Name POINT Cultural Hub (Bucharest, Romania)

Short description

Through exhibitions, screenings, artist residencies and theatre plays,
POINT aims to be a powerhouse, a creative catalyst that stimulates
emerging artists to innovate, think forward and engage with diverse
audiences open to new experiences and new knowledge.
In all its programs, POINT is equally committed to experimentation
and showcasing well-established artists, who challenge the
boundaries of performances of all types and offer unique experiences
for audiences.
We aim to support the creative risks taken by artists from diverse
genres, cultures and perspectives and to reach out to, educate and
inspire people with our affordable, non-hermetic and relatable
approach. All our work is cross-disciplinary and tailor-made for
Bucharest’s vibrant cultural community.
Our strategic positioning is that of a laboratory for the exploration
and advancement of contemporary arts.
Here are some of Point’s ambitious new initiatives and programs
starting this autumn, with more than half of the artist line-up from
 a multi-sensorial festival (coming entirely from abroad) curated
by Cătălina Bolozan, a Romanian-born cod-artist from London;
 all-year master-classes and workshops in partnership with the
first Entrepreneurial Academy, where famous local artists meet
with business mavericks and learn how to promote their works
and start a cultural business. On the other hand, investors
enhance their artistic tastes, discover inner talents, and are
immersed in a transformative process we all need for our mental


 the presentation of 1-2 theatre plays with stopping-power,
created by Punchdrunk and DreamThinkSpeak, which will put
Bucharest back on the map of European outstanding hubs;
 the setting up of an extensive and well-curated multi-media
library dedicated to all creative industries. It will function as a
research archive, with all the necessary resources that enable
professionals in the field to turn ideas and skills into real projects.
The library will be designed like a 3.0 Yellow Pages;
 a New Writing program and a dramaturgy residence supporting
emerging writers to produce new theatre play, new texts.
The hub is located in a 3-storey heritage building, whose architecture
and design are internationally-awarded. The setting is very versatile
(moveable furniture) and can host any type of artistic event. Every
floor can accommodate 120 people on average.
Facilities (key words): events space; performing space; exhibition
space; cinema; concert space, multi-media library, production space;
co-working space; gastrobar, café and garden terrace.
Services (key words): co-working space; curatorial programming
and showcasing; artistic performances hosting; international
opportunities; networking and events; professional development,
workshops and training; commercial; gourmet catering; private
parties; bartender events; fashion shows hosting.
Photos with our venue: enclosed.
A 360 tour inside our venue is available here.


Contact person:
(Ms) Ada Mușat, General Manager
E-mail: ada@whatsthepoint.ro; office@whatsthepoint.ro
Mobile phone: +40732437746
Website: www.whatsthepoint.ro

Field(s) Theatre, music, visual arts, film, fashion, design, dance, art festivals,
site-specific academies, immersive performances, emerging arts


We would like to be partners in a project initiated and submitted by
another organisation.
We are interested in joining either a smaller scale or a larger scale
cooperation project building on Creative Europe’s priorities of
transnational mobility, audience development and capacity building –
especially new business models & education and training.
We are particularly interested in projects looking at the mission and
role of today’s arts and culture hubs in Europe, at exchanging
practices, management and business models, but also at how they
articulate and develop their own long-term artistic curatorial
We are open to all ideas that suit our profile and we strongly believe


that, thanks to our experience, our excellent venue facilities and our
financial sustainability as a private entity, we would be ideal partners
in a cooperation project focused on the above-mentioned priorities.
Please note that we are open to cooperating with interested
organisations beyond Creative Europe, too, so feel free to contact
us even if you do not intend to submit an application to this funding
programme in 2017.

Partners searched
Countries All countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme


Any public or private organisation with similar or complementary
experience dedicated to developing or enhancing their European
partners’ network.
Key words: arts and culture hubs, arts and culture centres, emerging
arts centers, performing arts festivals, theatre companies,
independent theatres, art galleries etc.



Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme: Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme :Smaller scale cooperation projects

Deadline of the strand: to be confirmed on the Creative Europe website

Deadline for confirming your interest in this partnership Preferably by May 2017

Cultural operator(s) Name Culture and sports Association PAOK

PAOK funded in 1949 in Klirou targeting to engage youth in cultural and sports activities. During that period of time, the opportunities for “leisuring” were very limited and available only for the upper wealthy class, therefore PAOK provided the opportunity for middle and low class people to engage in Cultural and Sports activities.

Through the years PAOK enriched its activities with football team, traditional dancing group, theatre group, musical band and educational seminars. PAOK performs not only in Cyprus but also abroad in International Folklore Dancing Festivals. Its annual program includes: Dance performances, TV broadcasting participations, participation is national and European festivals, Dance trainings, Songs writing, Youth events, Football leagues, voluntary activities.

Contact details (Mrs.) Polina Stavrou, e-mail: polinastavrou@yahoo.gr

Project Field(s) Cultural heritage


We are a culture organisation with volunteers in a local community in Cyprus. Through the years we manage to establish our common values mechanism gaining communities respect for preserving our heritage. Voluntarism and culture together can create social capital that is an essential aspect to the coherence of a society. Therefore a european project promoting cultural aspects like dancing, songs, music, traditional handicrafts and occupations can assist the sustainability of the European Value . The idea is to implement Pan European Folklore/Heritage Festivals. Each partner will organize a folklore festival in its city/community and also will participate in others’ partners’ festivals. Activities: Dance performances, Traditional songs and music, presentation of traditional occupations, handicrafts trainings. We cannot lead this project due to program restrictions but we invite organisations who have the capacity to lead this project and other organisations to be partners.

Partners searched Countries All eligible countries

Profile All types of organizations, associations and public cultural institutions, folklore associations, cultural/handicraft centers etc.


Partner search
Culture sub-Program

Strand/category CALLS FOR PROPOSALS – EACEA 06/2017 –

Support to European Platforms

Deadline 06 April 2017, 12:00 CET/CEST (Midday, Brussels time).

 Cultural operator(s)

Short description TOPOS PANTOU ( a place everywhere), a Pan European Net to connect Theaters, Arts and people and implement new ways to approach Controvercy, Divercity, Cultural and Social issues in general. A platform to bear New Ideas.
Contact details NIKOLAS KAMTSIS, Director    nkariel@gmail.com


Field(s) TOPOSPANTOU network

Creative problem-solving methods related to social, cultural & educational environments.

Audience development in relation with Culture and events connected to social issues, such as any kind of diversity, racism, bullying, trafficking etc)

The aim of the platform will be the exchange of young theater and performance art creators to develop new techniques to approach social problems through theater and numerous types of  arts.

Description This Platform will attempt to approach important Community issues and problems through Theater and the Arts.

By using theater techniques and different types of Theater practices, Theater can approach social problems such as Diversity, Bullying, Racism, Human trafficking, xenophobia and many more.

The net will promote the exchange between professionals from numerous fields of the Theater and the Performative Arts. Furthermore, the Net will promote the mobility of Young Artists to work with the Arts & Theater organizations of the ToposPantou Net in order to gain knowledge and experience to develop their techniques and the expressive methods. The ultimate goal is to implement this new knowledge and experience towards Social problem- solving matters. Methods are a based upon action theater. For example a Theater action can be presented within the School Communities  (that are living through hard times of all levels) to fight off bullying. In the same concept events can be creative based on various matters to be presented in different spaces to challenge Diversity and Racism e.tc.

Apart of the above the network/platform will achieve:

–          Exchange good practices in the field of theater and Performative Arts and production,

–          Build  thematic offers within European scale

–          Raise public awareness

–          Work with local savoir-faire to develop by-products

–          Create Αartistic paths, Cross European Routes to promote heritage and connect cultures (landscape art, street art, e.t.c.)



Looking for Partners


Countries United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia , Montenegro, Albania,Tunisia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Czech republic, Georgia, Estonia, Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Norway.
Profile Theaters, theater organizations, Dramatic schools and Art/Music/Visual arts, Academies, art organizations, University Art departments



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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód
Deadline 06.05.2017

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód
Short description . The scope of the Organisation activities include:
·         organising cultural and art events in the field of music, dance, visual arts, theatre, film, performing art and entertainment;·         publishing,·         organising art exhibitions,·         audio and video recording,·         organising popular scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars,·         organising training courses, art classes and workshops,·         organising festivals, reviews, competitions,·         cultural education and dissemination of culture,

·         promotion of new artistic phenomena,

·         supporting the development of young artists,

·         leading amateur bands and art groups,

·         creating conditions for conducting creative activities,

·         exchange of experiences between artists and cultural centres,

·         implementation of cultural projects of a social nature,

·         promoting, developing the idea of volunteering,

·         production and distribution of films, audio-visual recordings; multimedia presentations and advertising materials;

·         sale of artworks,

·         action to develop and meet the cultural needs of the residents;

·         running a cinema.

Contact details Dąbrówka Petrow
Chociebuska 4-6


Field(s) Film literacy, Festival, Literature, Music, Interdisciplinary projects, Audience development, Performative arts, Visual arts, Dance, Theatre
Description  The project  involves a number of joint artistic activities, among others, workshops, movies, dance, theater, whose main objective is the integration and social animation  children, youth, adults and disabled people from different countries.

By participating in free artistic workshops, including dance, theater, film and music, children and young people from different countries will be able to deepen, develop their cognitive sensitivity, creative thinking and imagination.

We wants to be a partner in a project.



Culture sub-Program

Strand/category/Call European cooperation projects – Small scale
Deadline October 2017

 Cultural operator(s)

Name and country Association of Citizens “Brewery Museum Georg Weifert”
Short description We are citizens association founded in April 2015 in Pancevo, in order to work on the renovation of material and spiritual heritage of the personality of great importance for Serbian history, Georg Weifert. Our head office is exactly in the Weifert Old Brewery, the oldest brewery in the Balkans, founded in the year 1722, which represents a cultural monument of great importance. With the aim of preserving the tradition of brewing beer, long nearly 300 years, we established a mini brewery, where in authentic surroundings of the Old Weifert Brewery, by the old, original recipes produces beer at crafts method. This year we were honored that His Excellency Mr. Dittmann Axell ambassador of Germany in Serbia has officially opened a museum of brewing. On January 12, along with the cultural and artistic society Sandor Petefi, we have celebrated the day of establishment of the Weifert Old Brewery. On this occasion, the Ambassador of Hungary in Serbia, His Excellency Mr. Attila Pinter c ooked th e beer and so continued humanitarian action “Beer brings us together”. The action began HE Mr. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador in Serbia
Contact details Mirela Flora
+38163/88 25 355
+38113/344 233

Proposed Creative Europe project

Field(s) Cultural heritage-creative history, art workshop
Description The main advantage is the complex of the Old Weifert’s brewery which is founded in 1722 and represents a cultural monument of great importance and the oldest brewery in the Balkan, which is situated in the heart of Pančevo. Because of the concept which is unique and covers an area of 12000 square meters, it is an inspiration to for artists from different fields and involves a set of activities. Consequently, this project is self-sustainable.
Action: creative history and art workshops – to enhance cooperation and contacts between people of different origins, to encourage creativity, and provide a driving force for cultural innovation and economic development, based on heritage, tradition and tourism.
Creative history and art workshop would represent international cultural center- a gathering place for artists, scientists, foreign and local tourists, cyclists, companies, schools, cultural stakeholders, place for scientific conferences and creative workshops.

Partners searched

Countries All eligible countries
Preferred profile Organisation or institution that is engaged in culture, cultural centers, musums, universities, art academies…