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Kultuurikoostöö taotlusvoor 2018


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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Culture
Deadline In November (not published yet)

 Cultural operator(s)

Name and country The Health and Culture Department at Aalborg Municipality
Short description It advises and provides operating grants to associations, cultural institutions and events, volunteer organizers and other active partners.

The main task is to support and develop cultural life in Aalborg within the framework of legislation in the area, Aalborg Municipality’s cultural policy and other policies relevant to practitioners of culture and cultural environments. Cultural policy must provide citizens with diversity in experiences, access to cultural activities and events, a good framework for artists and cultural actors, and giving citizens the opportunity to develop themselves artistically and culturally.

Contact details Rasmus Krogh

Culture Consultant

T:+45  31 99 01 01

E-mail: rasmus.krogh@aalborg.dk

Proposed Creative Europe project

Field(s) (rhythmic) music and entrepreneurship
Description The music industry has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Nowadays Music is distributed through streaming services. The ability of musicians to create revenue has changed dramatically. There are both advantages and disadvantages in the new terms of the music industry. It is harder for musicians to make money selling music, but it’s easier than before to reach a global audience.
Musicians, producers, managers and other players in the music industry must learn to work in new ways to generate revenue and growth. There is a great potential in the music industry learning to think market-oriented and gaining a deep understanding of the music industry’s terms.
These challenges call for the Municipality of Aalborg and the local music industry to join forces in this project.Vision
Project must contribute to both creating economic growth, and to create a framework for a creative, productive and market-oriented music environment. It will support and create concrete initiatives within the area of rhythmic music that will benefit musicians and local music contractors; independent organizers, managers, music companies, producers, musicians and agencies.

• Professionalizing music industry
• Supporting bands / musicians to adapt to the new conditions of the music market
• Creating a framework for peer learning and mentorship
Project will focus on locating individuals, groups and organizations with a great potential, and on strengthening the rhythmic environment as a whole through concrete actions. The entities involved in the project will face competence building that enables them to cope with the emerging challenges on the music market.

Planned activities:

·         Entrepreneurship for musicians, organizers, managers and other professionals

·         Band camp and songwriter camp

·         Mentor course

·         Peer learning

·         Audience development

Partners currently involved in the project (if any)

Name of organisation and country There is a dialog with following institutions regarding this application:

North Jutland Music Conservatory, TANKEN from  the Oslo region, University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Liszt Academy

Partners searched

Countries Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Italy, Spain
Preferred profile Music/Culture Hubs or Labs, higher education institutions, culture departments of the municipalities

Previous Creative Europe or Culture 2007-2013 programme experience (if any)

Project name(s) No previous experience with this programme
Role within projects Not relevant

Are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?

Yes Yes
What kind of projects are you interested in participating in? Culture (Music) related



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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category European Cooperation Projects

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Ama Aquilone Social Cooperative NPO
Short description Ama Aquilone Social Cooperative NPO, www.ama.coop , has its roots in the territory of Ascoli Piceno, and it is the result of the union of two associations, “Ama”, founded in 1981, and “L’Aquilone”, founded in 1983, both in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP).

These associations were originally animated by the commitment of many volunteers who offered help to homeless people, young people, and families with a drug problem.

Today Ama Aquilone has become one of the most representative organizations in the Marche Region.

The Cooperative manages residential structures called “Case” (Houses), in a perspective of reception and integration that, while maintaining its therapeutic specificity, reflects an idea of ​​dignity intimately linked to the “human encounter”, and a series of accommodations for adults in difficulty.

Ama Aquilone carries out projects of social-labour inclusion aimed at unemployed, young people, families and all those people who live the drama of “new poverty”.

Ama Aquilone is fully aware that operating for the “common good” also means promoting the sustainable quality of life, and the respect for the environment. On that reasoning, the Cooperative developed, in 2010, a project of organic farming: Ama Terra Eco Care Farm.

The earth is a meeting place, but there are many meeting lands. From the desire to bring together two distinct realities, the Therapeutic Community and the “external world”, in 2014 the Cooperative created Ama Festival.

Since 2017, Ama Aquilone has activated a first reception service for foreigners requesting the recognition of international protection.

Training, in particular, has recently represented a strategic goal for Ama Aquilone through its advanced training school “La Scuola Ama”.

We would like to take part as partner in the next call for proposals for European Cooperation Projects.

Contact details www.ama.coop



Field(s) Festival, Audience Development, Social Inclusion
Description Ama Festival is a cultural event that takes place every year in July at “Casa Ama”, the biggest Therapeutic Community of Ama Aquilone that created this event promoting meetings, debates, theatrical performances, and concerts . The project is part of a process of cultural growth inside an event of celebration and remembrance. Ama Aquilone has always celebrated the end of the residents’ therapeutic journey with a day of social sharing and exchange for those who complete the treatment program, their families, employees, and the friends of the Cooperative.

Our purpose would be to include our Festival within a cultural project of social inclusion by making available the resources of Ama Aquilone.

In this perspective, the next call for proposal for European Cooperation Projects would be a great opportunity for us, as partner, to promote matters relating to social inclusion.

Looking for Partners

Profile Lead partner




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Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Culture (cooperation projects)
Deadline Response until 30th September 2018
Cultural operator(s)
Name Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.
Short description
Sommerblut draws the edge into the centre and brings the centre to the edge. The cultural festival lives the vision of cultural participation for all people, regardless of physical or mental disability, ethnic and social origin, age, sexual identity, gender and religion. The festival is risky, breaks with conventional ways of seeing and performing and brings together a wide variety of perspectives. Sommerblut is crossdivisional.
Dance, music, visual arts, performance, theatre and literature enter into fruitful communication, combine expertise with
innovative art forms and open up new dimensions of experience.

Contact details felix.dornseifer@sommerblut.de
Field(s) Intercultural performance project
WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN is an european intercultural performance project that wants to throw a glance at political, sociocultural as well as religious crises that are diagnosed throughout Europe. In cooperation with four or five cultural institutions, venues, or festivals from different european countries a variety of performance projects will be developed on the subject of crises of faith. In exchange with each other, the different experiences and ways of dealing with personal and European crises of faith are to be worked out.

Partners searched
Countries Any EU-countries
Wheter you are a theatre, a dance company, a venue or a festival – we are looking for anyone who is interested in elaborating various intercultural performance projects on the subject of faith and crises Since Sommerblut as the project coordinator is famous for its inclusive and cross-border projects, we are looking especially for artists, playwrights or cultural managers who are socio-critical, inclusive, LGTB-friendly, dissenting, open for experiments and ready for new ways of  thinking. Optimally, you already have experiences in European cooperation projects and you are interested in an intercultural exchange of ideas, visions and experiences.

Associated partners, one or two institutions from non-EU-countries
(e.g. Ukraine, Israel)


Partnereid otsib Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation,  Galați, Rumeenia.

Vaata nende tutvustust


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Culture sub-Program



European Cooperation Projects
Deadline Expected November 2018

Cultural operator(s)

Name and country NNLE Propaganda, Georgia
Short description Considering the challenges and the opportunities of the Georgian contemporary cultural scene, a multidisciplinary initiative group established a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation – Propaganda.network in 2014, committed to the development of contemporary (visual) arts. However, since that period and especially from 2017 onwards, organisation’s multidisciplinary profile has resulted in developing the projects which delve into wider cultural contexts.

The objectives of Propaganda.network:

●       rising awareness about both: intrinsic and extrinsic values of arts;

●       engaging international audiences in the Georgian contemporary art scene and facilitating transnational mobility of the artists and creative entrepreneurs;

●       supporting interdisciplinary projects amongst the representatives of the arts world and the representatives of other fields, initiating the creation of experimental and new business models;

●       providing critical analysis of the current art processes and initiating respective theoretical and practical research projects.

With this in mind, we work in two main directions: Propaganda Studio handles the practical activities initiated and supported by the organization, while Propaganda Archive deals with research-oriented projects.

The brick and mortar office spans on two main venues (both in Tbilisi) and encompasses different studio-based concept spaces. The first building (80 sq.m.) contains the working space and a small-scale exhibition hall.

Another venue is at a newly developed multiplex – Stamba and contains:

Stamba Open Studios & Residencies – In collaboration with freelance curators and artists, Propaganda.network offers studio and residency spaces to national (amongst them, regional) and international artists for a fixed or flexible time periods.

Synthesis is a new business model dedicated to the experimental practices encompassing the people from different life areas. The outcome of the collaboration often results in developing new knowledge, concept, products and/or services.

Museum – The small-scale space hosts exhibitions of unique and peculiar objects and processes, reflecting artistic, technological, scientific, etc. achievements.

Silk print and neon workshops – Both studios are highly equipped and stand ready to provide all the facilities so that the consumers and artists have the opportunity to develop creative products.

In addition to the ‘fixed’ studios/workshops, additional space is given to a temporary propaganda-initiated projects and/or guest organisations, such as: an interdisciplinary, artistic organisation – Obscura; Tbilisi Architecture Biennial; The Laboratory of Experimental Music and Sound; Radio-informational platform TEMPO and the studio of a private gallery LC QUISSER, etc.

On the internet, the organization carries out its activities via four major platforms (the Propaganda website – www.propaganda.network, contemporary art achieve – www.archive.propaganda.network, blogpage; as well as various social network accounts.

In addition to different medium-scale projects, in May 2018 Propaganda.network organised a large-scale contemporary art exhibition – Oxygen (www.oxygen.propaganda.network) at Stamba.

For more information about the implemented projects, please visit our webpage.

Contact details Nikoloz Nadirashvili, (Research) Projects Manager

nnadirashvili@propaganda.network, +995 599 33 90 60

Ana Gabelaia, Curator

agabelaia@propaganda.network, +995 599 23 61 60

Address: 4 Vashlovani St. 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia


Proposed Creative Europe project

Field(s) Visual arts, Experimental art, Multidisciplinary art, Ecology, Science
Description The global tendencies, such as rapid urbanisation and underestimating the long-term effect of protecting natural resources are twice as intense in developing countries, such as Georgia. Through turbulent political post-soviet history, the country has never had a chance to develop a firm green strategy and systemize the political will of sustainable development. Many years of experimental reforms on urbanization, profit-oriented initiatives and chaotic privatization has left Georgia face to face with concrete blocking, deadliest air pollution, no recycling system, severe lack of green zones and poor awareness and frustration of local population.

Considering the urgency of the matter, Propaganda.network came up with an idea to refer to the power of art and creative thinking in order to highlight the above mentioned issues and contribute to the optimistic development of this crisis scenario.

The goal of the project is to rise the awareness about the potentials of art, when intervened in wider ecosystem and mixed with natural resources (landscapes, natural elements and artefacts, scientific research outcomes, experiments, etc.) and vice versa, when some of these resources are placed in conventional and/or experimental artistic contexts and in constantly changing urban realities.

As an outcome of the project, we expect the stakeholders and civic society to be engaged in the process of alternative value creation when different fields collide.

The objectives of the project:

●     facilitate transnational mobility of the artists, curators and the representatives (activists, researchers, etc.) of the organisations oriented on ecological issues and facilitate knowledge and experience sharing to foster critical thinking;

●     develop the platforms for initiating new business/collaboration models reflecting cultural and ecological conditions in situ and worldwide;

●     build and train the audience for semi-artistic, multidisciplinary projects in order to creatively involve them in problem solving process.


1.    Synthesis sub-project – the aim of this edition of Synthesis is to engage artists and the representatives of the natural sciences in collaborative activities in order to develop innovative interdisciplinary research practices, concepts, products and/or services.

2.    Museum sub-project focuses on researching, collecting and exposing unique and peculiar natural resources, rare traditional craftsmanship examples, techniques and inventions.

(e.g. the Georgian silk heritage, beekeeping practice, etc.).

3.    Magic Garden – aims to develop experimental greenhouse in Stamba multiplex. The botanical ritual will be devoted to emergence and development of new plants and cultivation of rare breeds as well as medicinal plant crops. Experimental flora and herbalism of Georgian or many other folklores will be practiced in collaboration with the Tbilisi Botanical Gardens.

4.    Stamba Residencies and Open Studios – In addition to the abovementioned studios/sub-projects, up to 3 studios (and respective accommodation facilities) will host international, national (amongst them regional) artists and the representatives of other fields who endeavour to help each other in order to develop eco-related experimental projects. Along with the Studios/residency spaces at Stamba multiplex, we aim to offer regional residency spaces around Georgia, especially in the areas with rich natural heritage with the support of our local partners, such as Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, Art Villa Garikula, etc.

As a consequence of the abovementioned sub-projects, we aim to launch the second edition of Oxygen festival (the first edition was held in May 2018, encompassing up to 35 international and national artists). The second edition will focus on eco-related themes and encompass the legacy of the interactions developed at Synthesis, Museum, Magic Garden and Residencies/Open Studios sub-projects.

The festival will provide large-scale exhibition programme in multiple venues in Tbilisi and beyond its borders. Moreover, following activities are provisioned in the frames of the festival week:

●     Informal Symposium;

●     Roundtable meetings with the stakeholders responsible for wider ecological condition, such as the representatives of the City Hall;

●     Masterclasses & workshops aimed at training young art-activists, artists and other stakeholders.

Partners currently involved in the project (if any)

Name of organisation and country Potential Partners:

Tbilisi Botanical Garden, Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Art Villa Garikula, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Multiplex Stamba and their tenants with varying profiles, Gallery LC Quisser, Tbilisi Silk Museum, The institutions of higher education, green movements, etc.

Partners searched

Countries Any
Preferred profile Ideally, potential partner organisation should be aimed at developing research-based, experimental, creative projects concerning ecological themes, social ecology and natural resources.

Desired competencies:

–          organising small/medium scale exhibitions;

–          managing international residency programmes and research projects.

What we expect from our partners:

–       understanding the challenges of developing countries and their active interest in its cultural discourses in reference to the ecological and socio-economical dimensions.

–       being able to host international artists and the representatives of the organisations committed to ecological themes;

–       being able to offer artists and the representatives of the organisations committed to ecological themes for our residencies;

–       contribute to the development of festival programming and be willing to cooperate in order to make the event transnational.

The past experience of being the beneficiary of Creative Europe programme would be an advantage.

Are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


Yes Yes
What kind of projects are you interested in participating in? Projects aimed at:

transnational mobility of artists (e.g. residency programmes)

audience building for contemporary arts (e.g. large-scale exposition events)

(artistic) research practices (e.g. archiving)

Thematic priority: Ecology and interdisciplinary approach



 Partner search
Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category  Category 1 – Small scale projects
Deadline  European cooperation call 2019/ november 2018

 Cultural operator(s)

Name “Pozoriste lektira” / “Theatre reading”
Short description “Theatre reading” is created according to the idea of the celebrated actor Ivan Jevtovic who i cooperation with his colleagues Milena Nikolic and Dejan Jajcanin begins work on the founding of a new theater that will have an educational character and will be named after tha professor of the Faculty of dramatic art, dr. Vladimir Jevtovic. For the first season, the theater chooses a school lecture as a topic. In cooperation with professors of literature, the selected works are dramatized, and then the performances are created in accordance with the editing of the proofreaders according to plan and program. It is planned that every performance of the play will be followed by a workshop in which the audience, in this case the students, will have the opportunity to actively discuss with the actors and professors of Serbian language and literature. Students will express their thoughts on the theater noler-literary work, and what they have seen on the scene, will have the ability to select certain scenes that they want to look at again or to change them as directors, and that professional actors play them according to their indications, all in the goal of answering the questions asked and the adequate understanding and analysis of a particular literary work. In the era of modern communications, a large percentage of young people are defocused and alienated from traditional artistic techniques and values, and often from innumerable unclassified programs, they select inadequate quasi-artistic content subjected to primary sensory sensations. Reading literary and intellectual texts is maximally avoided and is considered hard and boring. Strenuous because it requires full intellectually-emotional capacity, and boring because there are no other sensory incentives. Adolescents narrow their aspects, lose motivation, and the dictionary becomes scarce and completely jargon. It is necessary to start them and offer them new models and ways of learning and discovering, which is one of the main goals of this project. We are inviting young people and their education about the importance of literacy, reading and nice speech through the work on theater performances. We are trying to learn the correct behavior patterns and the discovery of the importance of communication and interpersonal cooperation in the development of young people. No cultural institution has so far linked its existence to a school program like this. Because it’s starting point is that teachers are crucial subjects for the survival and development of our cultural life. And that the school is the backbone of our entire society, and the theater that should be, among other things, its mirror.
Contact details Milena Nikolic




Field(s) Performing arts, Theatre, Education, Audience Development
Description We would like to take part in Creative Europe projects as a partner. We are looking for a theater or organization that works with young people.
The motive of this project is to use the theater play and drama workshop as communication models to gather this future elite around the things that connect them and which are close to them. A seemingly painful, heavy and boring school lecture could become an ideal polygon for mutual understanding, encouraging creative thinking and learning.We believe that this young people are quite aware of the time and space in which they are living. It is necessary to encourage them to think that their personal and creative engagement can influence changes in their own community.The aim of this project is to address young people about the importance of literacy, reading and fine speech through work on theater performances.
We also aim at learning the correct patterns of behavior and revealing the importance of communication and interpersonal cooperation in the development of young people.It is necessary to raise awareness and need for the cultural development of the individual for the general well-being of the community.
Finally, the goal is to debate things that are common to us and present in everyday life. Debates are an opportunity to look at similarities and differences, and by the sharing an experience to make an exchange of opinions.
This project also aims to encourage teachers and professors to introduce modern methods in teaching. They actively involve students in to the work, which explains their creativety and imagination, which is actually the goal of modern teaching.It is important to make young people closer to art and our main goal is that these young people have an insight to the whole process of creating a play from the creation of a literary work to the performance of it, in which they are an active part.At the end, one of the goals is the activation of artists from all spheres of art (visual, musical, applied, dramatic etc.) in education and affirmation of young people, not only as audiences, but also as performers in performances, workshops, etc.

Looking for Partners

Countries All eligible countries
Profile Institutions or organization interested in work with young people and audience development in preforming arts, Universities and educational organizations…



Partnereid otsib Ubiqa, baski organisatsioon, kes soovib osaleda partnerina projektis, mis tegeleb:

1.- Uute viisidega, kuidas suhelda publikuga

2.- Uute mitteformaalsete kunstnike haridusmeetoditega, mis võimaldavad neil luua ja jagada oma lugusid tänapäeval nõutud digitaalsete oskustega.

3.- uute mitteformaalsete haridumeioditega kunstnike professionaalsete oskuste arendamiseks.

4.- Digitaalsete kaardistustega

5.-Territoriaseteal digitaalsete narratiivide loomisega

Vaata projekti


EUROCOMEDIES projekt plaanib kooskirjutada, -toota ja ringreisidel mängida komöödia, et tõestada, et komöödiazhanr ei sõltu keelebarjääridest.



Suuremahuliste koostööprojektide taotlusvoor: OMERTE projekti eesmärk on Itaalias juba olemasoleva võrgustiku (suuline tegevus, mälu ja teater)rahvusvahelistumine ja konsolideerimine.




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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Creative Europe, the program which supports transnational cooperation projects involving cultural and creative organizations from different European countries. It aims to improve access to European culture and creative works and to promote innovation and creativity.

Large scale cooperation project (project leader and at least five other partners)

Deadline Call 2018.  The call is not still published.

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council)
Short description The Barcelona Provincial Council (BPC) is a local government institution that provides technical, economic and strategic support for the 311 municipalities of the province of Barcelona networking with the local councils. The BPC plays a very active role in several cultural international networks, like RICC, LIKE, or the culture group of the ULGC organization
Contact details Pia Bosch i Codolà, Technical advisor.
Culture Department.
Recinte Escola Industrial. Edifici del Rellotge, 1a plantaComte Urgell, 187, 1a. 08036. Barcelona
Telèfon 934022833Mòbil: 648685381boschcpd@diba.cat


Field(s) Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Description The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project aims to generate know-how at European level on how to keep popular and traditional culture alive from the exchange and “cross fertilization” between traditional root initiatives and innovative proposals in the different cultural and artistic fields (crafts, live arts, visual arts, popular festivities …). We want to do it based on the exchange of experiences between projects from different European territories. We start from the thesis that the best way to keep tradition alive is to fertilize it with contemporary aesthetics and languages. We also start form our knowledge that throughout Europe there are artists immersed in community processes that use tradition as the raw material of their creative processes.

The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project aims to achieve four results from four instruments that determine four specific lines of work:

  • Enhance existing good practices, contributing to its description and dissemination on an international scale, through a specific digital platform.
  • Extract from these good practices those elements that may be transferable to other contexts and cultural situations, through the development of a specific tool kit.
  • Experience processes to revitalize initiatives from traditional heritage with innovative cultural and artistic dynamics in the territories of the various partners that participate in the project.
  • Create the necessary sustainability conditions for an international award (provisional name “Sodoku Prize”) that recognizes this type of initiatives on a biannual basis.

Partners searched

Countries All
Profile Local authorities or Cultural agents with  know-how or experience in projects focused on how to keep popular and traditional culture alive from the exchange and “cross fertilization” between traditional root initiatives and innovative proposals in the different cultural and artistic fields, especially in Music


Serbian-Aromanian assotiation “Lunjina” would like to find partners to establish partnership in the field of performing and researching old traditional music and folklore.

Partner search Lunjina Serbia


Culture sub-Program
Strand/category/Call Culture
Deadline 2018
Cultural operator(s)
Name and country
Department of Applied Research, Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Greece
Short description
The Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments (DCAMM) is the Central Conservation Service of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the service responsible for the Conservation of cultural heritage around the country. Personnel  consists mainly of conservators of different material specialisations, conservation scientists and administrative staff.
It is organised in four departments: 1. Applied Research; 2. Conservation Studies; 3. Conservation Projects; 4. administration.
DCAMM produces conservation studies, which essentially are extensive and detailed conservation proposals; undertakes and also supervises conservation projects around Greece; issues the conservation practice permits, which allow graduate conservators to undertake projects at the private sector; and the sampling permits, which are necessary for carrying out scientific analyses to cultural heritage; assists the work of any Regional Service of the Ministry, such as local Museums and Ephorates of antiquities; collaborates with other Central Services, such as the Directorate of Museums, and the Directorate of the Restoration of Buildings.
Our main activities are focused on the:
 documentation and evaluation of new and old conservation treatments;
 instrumental analyses of cultural heritage material;
 research and testing of new conservation materials;
 preventive conservation;
 climate change and its effects on monuments
 issuing the sampling permits for movable cultural heritage property

The purpose of the Department of Applied Research, DCAMM is to:
 provide advice on the conservation and analysis of cultural heritage
 provide support for the conservation and analysis of cultural heritage to any Regional Service and/or Museum in Greece in the form of personnel, lab space, equipment.
The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM can provide:
 access to cultural heritage property,
 instrumental analysis expertise,
 organisation of workshops and seminars.
Contact details
Dr Christina Margariti – Head / chmargariti@culture.gr
+30 210 32 44 227 int. 220
Dr Petros Prokos/ pprokos@culture.gr
+30 210 32 44 227 int. 222
Dr Aikaterini – Zoe Ftikou/ aftikou@culture.gr
+30 210 32 44 227 int. 223

Proposed Creative Europe project
Field(s) Conservation and instrumental analysis of cultural heritage
The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM is searching for organisations around Europe to collaborate and expand its network in field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage with special emphasis on instrumental analysis, the application of new materials and the effects of the environment on cultural heritage property.
The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM would like to:
 participate in programmes on the instrumental analysis of cultural heritage;
 participate in the documentation, measurement and study of the effects of the environment and climate change to cultural heritage;
 participate or organising different non formal education, workshops, master-classes, summer-schools, conferences, etc. for conservators and conservation scientists;
 participate in different public outreach projects: introducing conservation and conservation science to museum visitors (e.g. by the organisation of a relevant temporary exhibition) and the general public (e.g. by the organisation of interactive activities, such as treasure hunt of conserved monuments in the city of Athens, where the Department recently participated).

Partners currently involved in the project (if any)
Name of organisation and country n/a
Partners searched
Countries EU countries
Preferred profile
Organizations / Institutions with focus on the analysis and conservation of cultural heritage

Previous Creative Europe or Culture (2007–2013) programme experience (if any)
Project name(s)
We have not participated in any Creative Europe or Culture programme yet, but we have substantial experience in running EU Support Framework Programmes, the most recent ones (up to 2015 and one Horizon 2020 programme) are shown below
Title Funding in euros
Conservation of the mosaics of the Dafni Monastery 155.610
Conservation of the wall/paintings of Macedonian tombs in central Macedonia 542.907
Conservation of the wall/paintings of Macedonian tombs in Pieria 146.042
Conservation of the Efpalinion tunnel in Pythagoreion, Samos 152.834
Conservation of the internal decoration of the Ziller-Loverdos Mansion 1.268.141
Conservation of the architectural and decorative elements of the St Nikolaos church on Psara island 217.138


Partner search
Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category contemporary dance

 Cultural operator(s) 

Short description Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC) is the central space of contemporary dance in Croatia, which supports Croatian and foreign dance artists in their creation, and encourages a propulsive and dynamic dance scene. The main tasks of Zagreb Dance Center are to secure adequate conditions for rehearsals and performances; to program highly professional dance shows and their repeat performances; to encourage new trends in artistic production; to collaborate on local, national and international level; to strengthen the interaction between dance scene and cultural public; to educate young audience; and to raise awareness and appreciation of contemporary dance amongst the general public. It supports various innovative initiatives, advocates diversity and plurality of artistic visions, and encourages artists, audience and the community to explore and analyze choreographic and other concepts together.
Contact details  Mrs. Martina Nevistić, nevistic@zagrebackiplesnicentar.hr, +385 91 4872 565


Field(s)  Contemporary dance, Audience Development Program
Description In cooperation with elementary and secondary schools, we intend to organize guided tours of Zagreb Dance Center, to do workshops, performances, talks about performances and talks with performers and authors, in order to make children acquainted with the art of dance and to do the presentations of occupations: dancer, choreographer, light designer and producer.

Our goals are: to raise awareness and appreciation of contemporary dance, to produce a high-quality, professional performance for the young, to familiarize the audience with contemporary dance through creative workshops and discussions (edutainment), to strengthen the cooperation with schools which are not specialized dance schools, to include the independent dance professionals and organizations into the implementation of the project, to raise the visibility of Zagreb Dance Center and dance art in Zagreb and Croatia in general.

Partners searched 

Countries EU countries
Profile Organizations and institution working in the fields of contemporary dance, art, and culture



Culture sub-Program
Strand/category Cooperative, small-scale project
Deadline 2018
Cultural operator(s)
Name Villette Makerz

Short description
Villette Makerz, located in the heart of the Villette Cultural Park in Paris (France), is a creative space for all, including a Fablab – collaborative design and manufacturing laboratory – as well as a space for events. Villette Makerz offers experiences in creating and implementing innovative teachings :
This space in perpetual movement is dedicated to all those who want to connect ideas and materials, thanks to  contemporary technologies of creation, in sectors such as: design, 3D, code, textile, electronics, audiovisual, numerically controlled tools …
• On weekends, the public (young public, family, adult) can discover the “Do It Yourself” in free access. As a cultural space, Villette Makerz also coproduces the events of the Parisian “maker” movement with many collectives.
• During the week, professionals (entrepreneurs, companies, communities) can experiment, exchange and manufacture. In a fab lab & coworking environment conducive to the creation and exchange of know-how, Villette Makerz offers a comprehensive offer ranging from the rental of workstations and professional machines to personalized support for design, production and economic development. By linking culture and education, science and technology, Villette Makerz supports Parisian creative communities in the use of their natural talents and creative energy, deploying them to the service of private actors, territorial and the general public www.villettemakerz.com

Contact details
• Mail : UpCyclingbyDesign@villettemakerz.com
• Contact Research & Training : Samuel Rémy / +33 6 61 64 88 87
• Contact Awareness & Education : Carolina Tinoco / +33 6 31 46 73 36
and : Nathalie Tinland / +33 6 07 79 99 59


Social and Sustainable Design
Eco-effective Model
Repurposing and Recycling Waste Materials
Environmental and Social Responsibility
Upcycling by Design
Knowledge Sharing
Design thinking and making
Local Development
Empowering Communities
Education / Training
European Exhibition and Contest
Upcycling by Design:
Developing Social and Sustainable Skills

In these times of environmental and social crisis and with the sustainability of our future at stake, we are influencing the way of creating and producing. Of course, this is a considerable challenge as it requires a fundamental shift in the approach and the mindset of manufacturers and designers alike. Upcycling transforms by-products, waste materials and unwanted materials into new products for better environmental value.
Industrial Waste: Design for Good
Normally we use materials to create objects which increases the scarcity of raw materials and the depletion of finite resources. Simultaneously, waste produced remains an untapped resource. Our work is based on collaborations with creators, designers, artisans, manufacturers and communities who genuinely wish to create new and sustainable design projects with these reusable materials which in turn create objects for the good of the people AND the planet.

Sustainable Design Storytelling
We hope re-designing, re-imagining, re-mixing and re-using will become a new standard in design. We are committed to social and sustainable design. Our goal is not only to create beautiful products but develop a concept: a way to create products which tell great stories.
We envision an innovative, small-scale, co-operative and ecological model to create and exhibit projects based on this exploitation of waste materials. We are taking advantage of the diversity and richness of cultures to create interactive experiences, build relationships, share knowledge and stories. We aspire to open a window of opportunity for CSR (corporate social responsibility), governments (the public sector), in partnership with either  business (the private sector), or charities (the community sector) to develop and implement « Upcycling by design » providing learning opportunities through sponsored social and environmental impact programs. A flourishing world for our environment, communities, and for our well being.
Objectives :
 To support the emergence of new upcycling designers and projects: educating professionals and general public through training and workshops.
 To encourage upcycling designers and projects around Europe: to showcase design projects through exhibitions and competitions.
 To promote the values of upcycling Design: new technologies and good practices that are socially and environmentally responsible.
 To create a network/community: interdisciplinary Creatives sharing the same vision.
Our project is based at the crossroads of research, awareness, education, creation, networking and business development :
Research and Networking:
We are seeking partners who aligned with our mindfulness of social and environmental design to collaborate, promote and generate a network for “Upcycling by design” concept.
Our curation involves observing and identifying upcycling projects and designers; local materials, industries and manufacturers.
Thereafter we review an inventory of products for our Upcycling by Design exhibit.
Training and Business Development:
We wish to encourage a rapidly changing field by helping designers to think with a different philosophy and innovation. We train creators by providing them with knowledge, skills and tools.
This training is intended for design professionals and students as well as the general public- for all who wish to open up to a new, more responsible approach to creation. The challenge is to create a process for the reuse of materials as well as
inventing adapted manufacturing techniques to create new business opportunities by developing environmental, economic and social activities.
Consciousness and Education:
We want to highlight the existence of experimental practices and success stories (artisanal, artistic, industrial) through exhibitions and all different ways of broadcasting.
We would like to develop contests and workshops for upcycling by Design opening up new creative models.
We stimulate exchanges and reflections in innovation, quality, functionality and aesthetics. But also our focus is co-creation and cultural diversity which are the bases of the desirable and sustainable future that we want to promote and create identity and awareness.
Looking for Partners
For example :
North: Sweden, Netherlands …
West: France…
East: Romania …
South: Tunisia, Spain, Italy …
Around the fablab Villette-Makerz, we mobilized in France:
 Zéro Waste – an expert in the circular economy
 Matério, Amat, Matériaupole Seine amont – materials specialists
 CRI / Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires – research in educational sciences
We would like to federate around the project :
 to enrich the European network, contents, training, supply and experimentation on materials, workshops:
• Companies specialized or involved in green economy
• Recycling industry (public and private) and waste reprocessors
• FabLab and craft workshops
• Associations, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers
 for public awareness, exhibitions, contests, meetings, round tables:
• Cultural institutions, Museums, Cultural Centers …
• Alternative places or vacant spaces
 to document locally meetings, processes, creations ; and for dynamic
• Videographer, audiovisual specialist, webdesigner…
Other All ideas are welcome!


Culture sub-Program
Strand/category Creative Europe – Culture sub-Programme
Deadline end of August 2018
Cultural operator(s)
Name Studio6 – Contemporary music collective

Short description
Studio 6 is a collective of Serbian performing musicians, composers and theorists, devoted to promotion of today’s music. Aside from its main enterprise, which is planning and coordinating the activities of its instrumental ensemble, collective Studio 6 engages in educational programmes, discussion panels and regional network building with an aim to set up and nurture a vital and unique contemporary music scene in Serbia. The instrumental ensemble Studio 6 gathers internationally
acclaimed soloists and performers of contemporary composed and improvised music. The ensemble encourages an open dialogue between listening, interpreting and creating in contemporary artistic practices. Ensemble’s activities range from first performances of XX-XXI century solo and ensemble works, to educational courses for students and performances of experimental pieces by younger generations of composers, improvisers and sound artists. A special attention is given to creative collaboration on new pieces, given the modular possibilities of the ensemble’s unorthodox instrumentation, which includes trumpet, harp, accordion, cello and electronics. www.studio6.st

Contact details
Milana Zarić

Field(s) music, contemporary, classical, improvisation, instrumental, acoustic, electronic art music

Musical creation as collaborative work of art. We believe that the terrain of musical innovation in the 21st century will be that of creative collaboration, whereas that of the 20th was principally that of new sounds and technologies for music, while still leaving the roles of composer, interpreter, improvising musician etc. as separate from one another. New forms of music could now come about through new ways of making music, and in particular by going beyond the idea of the composer-artist as sole creator to a situation where different ideas, skills and approaches may be combined in many different ways, as is already the case in pop and jazz composition/performance. Our work up until now with the ensemble and other projects has been a step in this direction. Our aim is to bring creative musicians together, through series of workshops, performances, master classes, documentation; to create a network/association which will enable such projects to happen easier in the future. Our focus is on collaboration within the music medium, rather than between different  disciplines.

Looking for Partners
Countries The Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, Greece, but not limited to these
Contemporary music ensembles, concert organisers/festivals, educational music institutions, broadcast studios, performing
spaces/cultural centres, foundations, international associations and networks…


Partner search
Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Cooperation projects – small
Deadline September 2018

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Kaunas City Chamber Theatre
Short description Kaunas City Chamber Theatre is a professional theatre. Our goal is to foster, create, protect and develop the traditions of professional drama theatre, to creatively explore new forms, promoting the development of theatre art. Each season, 3 premieres are being prepared at this theatre. The performances are different in genres and forms. Kaunas City Chamber Theatre has become a center of attraction and a gathering place for people in Kaunas.
Contact details Project Manager
Indrė Brasevičiūtė
+370 671 15842


Field(s) Theatre, Performance, Interdisciplinary Arts, Outdoor Arts, Community Arts
Description The main goal of the project is to enable communities, to activate their involvement in community activities, to increase the accessibility of culture in the community environment. The priority is the continuity of the project. Theater and social pedagogues should be involved in the project, which will help coordinate activities in the community.

Partners searched

Countries All
Profile Theatre, Performance, Interdisciplinary Arts, Outdoor Arts, Community Arts


We want to be a project lead. We are looking for project partners.


 Culture sub-Program

Strand/category/Call Culture
Deadline 2018

 Cultural operator(s)

Name and country Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem, Slovenia
Short description The Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem directs its activities to the field of classical music with special emphasis on Art song that combines music with poetry.

PerArtem’s activities are re-establishing, awakening, freshening and developing performing tradition of Art song in Slovenia and Europe with a wide array of internationally recognized foreign and Slovenian artists.

The purpose of PerArtem is to:

·         awake, preserve and to develop tradition of classical music (Art song) in the wider sense of that term, and possibly to connect it with other art forms.

·         provide facilities in Slovenia and abroad for activity of both Slovenian and foreign artists, and thereby enable inter-cultural dialogue.

The Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem was set up to provide:
·         cultural and artistic activities,
·         education,
·         organisation of events,
·         and publishing.

Since 2015, we have been organizing a concert cycle in a Cekinov castle in Ljubljana and National Opera in Maribor. In two years, we provided 17 different repertoires and performed over 35 concerts and co-organization of concerts in Slovenia, Belgium, France, Swiss, Italy and India.

Contact details www.perartem.si /

Marko Ocvirk – director / marko.ocvirk@perartem.si /

+386 31 649 479


Nejc Lavrenčič – artistic director/ nejc.lavrencic@perartem.si/

+386 41 734 497

Proposed Creative Europe project

Field(s) Classical music (performing and education)
Description PerArtem Institute is searching for organisations around Europe to build a long-term partnership in field of Culture with special emphasis on classical music.

PerArtem wants to participate in different project where classical music is main theme, in connection with other art forms.

PerArtem Institute would like to:

·         participate in established culture events with our productions (in different festivals around Europe, other musical events, );

·         to host musicians in our art song concert cycle in Ljubljana and Maribor called Glas iz davnine / Voice from the past;

·         participate or organising  different non formal education, workshops, master-classes, conferences, etc. for musicians on different level of knowledge;

·         participate in different Civil society projects: how to use classical music as a toll for better understanding diversity of nationalities in EU, how can music contribute in more inclusive society.

Partners currently involved in the project (if any)

Name of organisation and country National Opera Maribor, Slovenia

MNZS – Museum of contemporary history of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Partners searched

Countries EU countries
Preferred profile Organizations / Institutions with focus on classical music (concerts and/or educational program)

Music festivals

Previous Creative Europe or Culture (2007–2013) programme experience (if any)

Project name(s) We did not participate in Creative Europe or Culture programme yet, but we have many experiences in culture program in Slovenia and co-organization of concerts in Slovenia, Belgium, France, Swiss, Italy and India.

Glas iz davnine / Voice from the past – Art song concert cycle

Season 2015 – 2016

Season 2016 – 2017

Season 2017 – 2018

Role within the project(s) Organizer of the concert cycle in Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia

Co-organization of concerts in Slovenia, Belgium, France, Swiss, Italy and India

Are you interested in participating in other EU projects?

Yes yes
What kind of projects / calls are you interested in participating in? ·         Civil society projects;

·         Erasmus+.