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2019 Kultuurikoostöö taotlusvoor


A partner search from the Foundation9 NGO.They support innovative culture and education programs for new generations, to facilitate young people’s access to a well-anchored values system, to encourage initiatives that (re)enhance, (re)build, start debates, and generate ideas.

On one hand, they are interested in becoming partners in project implemented in the fields of Arts and culture, Arts and Technology, Visual Arts, Theatre and Performing arts, Capacity building, Cultural education, and Audience development.



Partner search request is focused on organisations from the Scandinavian, Baltic and Balkan countries. Nevertheless if anyone else have in mind a suitable interested organisation, they are welcome to contact the Slovenian Association of Historic Towns anyway.

The Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia is a coordinator of the running project supported within the special call for cooperation project related to EYCH2018 REFRESH – Young art(ists) refreshing heritage siteshttps://ced-slovenia.eu/en/project/young-artists-refreshing-heritage-sites-2/

They would like to upgrade the project and expand the network of partners and apply within the next call.

CreativeEurope_Partner_search_FORM_The Association of Historic Towns Slovenia


The organization is the municipality of Lousada. They were partners in two previous small scale  projects and are now willing to be the leader organization.


  • Tradition as a starting point for innovation;
  • Integration and active participation of refugees in the artistic development process;
  • Recover and revive ancestral traditions;
  • Reinterpretation of grotesque figures with a new contemporary look;
  • Capture contemporary artists (residency and / or artistic workshop);
  • Explore the sense of belonging to a place (which belongs to everyone);
  • Harnessing the resources that Nature gives us;

Fundamental axes to explore: individual-collective | traditional revolutionary

Partner_search – Município de LousadaPT


A partner search from Finland regarding children’s cultural centers and other organizations with experience in children’s culture and arts and culture education.

Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers is preparing a European project on children’s culture. They aim to set the model for European Children’s Cultural Centers that would offer a European forum on exchange on best practices. They are looking for partners that are ready to create national or regional models in practice, and take responsibility of their region in Europe.

AFCCC_Partner search (1)


A partner search from `Nicolae Iorga` Library in Ploiesti.

They would like to be involved as Partner in a Cooperation project dedicated to libraries,  cultural heritage, developing cultural programmes or services for children and seniors.

Partner search_N Iorga Library_Romania (1)


A partner search from the “Georgiana Rusu Cultural Association”, a non-profit cultural organization from Constanta – Romania, which has as its stated purpose the initiation, development and implementation through legal means and through specific activities of cultural, artistic, educational, social, environmental and cultural projects and activities for youth.

Find out more about their activity from the attached project portfolio.

They are open for collaboration as partner in transnational cooperation projects in the field of culture and education.


Project Portfolio_ ACGR


he organisation is “Jam Session Cultural Association”.

They are  looking for Institutions or organizations interested in working with artists from all over the world, young people, and audiences development in performing arts such as live music shows, cultural organizations, associations that promote artists, etc”.

They are looking for partners from all eligible countries. They started working aiming last year’s call, but decided it would be better to wait for the 2019’s call.



 Partner search 

Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category European Cooperation projects 2020
Deadline Autumn/Winter 2019

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Tisicihran
Short description Czech theatre group creates documentary theatre pieces, works often with real witnesses and non-actors to bring testimony on important social and historcial phenomena.
Contact details tisicihran@gmail.com


Field(s Theatre, Performing arts
Description A Czech documentary theatre group Tisicihran is looking for a leader of the project in the framework of the Cooperation project. We create performances about Czech history and stage witnesses of important historical events. Our performances are created for children of age 7 to 18 as well as for whole families to open a dialogue between generations.

Partners searched

Countries Any
Profile Theatre group, theatre festival, school, Research institute etc.


Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers, Finland

Project about children’s culture and arts, cultural children’s centers, arts pedagogy, inclusion of culture and arts

Deadline forr partner search 30/4/2019

AFCCC_Partner search