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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category European Cooperation Projects 2017
Deadline 23 November 2016 – 12:00

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Malliaras Pedagogikes kai Politistikes Ekdiloseis EPE
Short description We specialise in organising events and festivals and we support Manolis Kalomiris Choir as much as our new orchestra, the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra.
Contact details +30 210 98.16.523

+30 210 98.89.101 (int. 418)

+30 6974.015034

Mr. Thomas Kardakaris


Field(s) Music, Orchestra, Opera, Music Research
Description We want to create a sustainable development environment, through music, for our EU neighborhood.  Common concerts and culture diffusion will be organised in the partner countries. We will support joined musicians and musical works exchanges, mainly from our local composers. We will create and support our mutual digital archive (recording, filming and scoring) and we will actively support live streaming events through the internet. We will develop educational activities to schools and we will exchange knowledge and experience through our conductors (guest rehearsal visiting). We will produce orchestral and choral music from young conductors and we will promote an intercultural music dialogue to the regions. Finally, we will forward reconciliation, dignity and respect for the refugees by identifying and seeking performers, with whom we will create performing programs both for Europeans and refugees and at the same time enhance their abilities for a better integration in our labour market.


Partners searched

Countries Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
Profile Partners must be music ambassadors to their countries. Need to have a proven record in orchestral and choral as well as in chamber music and performance background for composers (16th century – today). They must also have educative, research and performance background for local composers and their works.




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Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Smaller scale cooperation projects (maximum EU funding of € 200.000)
Deadline October 2016
Cultural operator(s)
Name Festival de Música y Danza de Granada
Short description Festival de Música y Danza de Granada is one of the most important cultural events in Spain and one of the festivals with an oldest tradition within the Spanish scene. Its origins go back to the symphonic concerts organized in the Alhambra palace back in 1883, although its first official edition was celebrated in 1952. In the present days, the Festival is held under a consortium participated by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Regional Government of Andalucia, the City Council office, the Provincial Council Office and the University of Granada.
Contact details belenprados@wonderbrand.es

Field(s) Interdisciplinary
Description For the first time in the Arts History, the artistic avant-gardes were placed together with dance, music and design under the direction of Serguéi Diághilev, founder of the Ballets Russes in 1909. Through his dance company, he experimented his idea for a global art project in which painters, musicians, designers, dancers, choreographers and playwrighters worked together to reach a global stage art project that would offer a high level artistic innovation show able to engage new audiences. He managed to reunite the most prestigious artists of the time for his Ballets, including Picasso, Falla, Miró, Stravinski, Braque, Cocteau, Nijinski, Matisse, Massine, Sert, Benois, Bakst, Ravel, among many others.
Our project DANSART “Diághilev today: crossing borders through dance, music, visual and performing arts” seeks to celebrate the figure of the Russian director and choreographer Sergei Diaghilev through a contemporary approach to his legacy by bringing together the contemporary arts (paint, music, design, choreography, dance, performing arts, etc.) that will revisit Diaghilev’s ideas through a global production of a contemporary mise-en-scène. Further that this, the aim of the project relies as well in developing public engagement strategies, by the use of new technologies, data analysis and the creation of tools for the promotion of young entrepreneurs in the arts.

o identify and place strategies to incorporate new audiences to dance, music shows, particularly focusing on youth audiences.
o Design and produce a new show by revisiting Diaghilev’s ideas through the collaboration of the contemporary arts family (visual arts, design, art , dance, music and performing arts) mainly focusing to link new audiences and fidelize the existing one.
o Enrich and develop tools and communication strategies for a better implementation of the Dance and Music Festivals, to reach closer and long term relationships with new and potential audiences
o Promote local artistic production with an international dimension through networking actions in the arts focusing on production.
o Ease and establish the conditions for the development of new professional niches of young artists and entrepreneurs.
o Establishing sinergyes with European Festivals that deveope similar projects through networks
o Networking with public and private institutions at a local level that deal with training, research and producing contemporary arts in all its manifestations (dance, music, theatre, visual arts, design, performing arts, etc.)
o Open new research and creation strategies based in the dialog between tradition and contemporary.
Partners searched

Countries any
Profile Potential partners could be located in countries where Diaghilev had had impact in the development of new forms of transdisciplinary art that combines dance, visual arts, music and performance or that are planning a deep change in their artistic proposals and need new strategies to engage new audiences.

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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Smaller scale cooperation projects (maximum EU funding of € 200.000)
Deadline October 2016

Cultural operator(s)

Name Consorcio para el Desarrollo de la Vega-Sierra Elvira
Short description Consorcio para el Desarrollo Vega-Sierra Elvira (ES) http://www.consvega.com

The Consortium for the Development of Vega-Sierra Elvira is a Local Public Entity, consisting of more than 32 municipalities in Granada, Andalusia (Spain).

Contact details belenprados@wonderbrand.es


Field(s) Heritage
Description European Network Watchtowers – Discovering the old boundaries


Historical watchtowers are spread all over Europe. In Andalucia (ES), for example, still survive many watchtowers built during the 13th-15th century along the borders of the catholic/muslim kingdoms. Many of them are situated in extraordinary natural sceneries and could play a new role in the fruition of these cultural landscapes and also as witnesses of a past dominated by frontiers, stimulating a reflection on the present situation within EU. The project aims to promote at European level their preservation, the development of new ways of accessibility and reuse, a new role in the territory integrated in an interconnected network.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

1) to strengthen the importance of historical watchtowers as part of our common European history and to make this heritage accessible and understandable to a world-wide audience;

2) to promote a EU wide reflection over the history and role of frontiers within Europe in the pre-modern age.

3) to increase awareness on the importance of preservation and  conservation of historical sites and their surroundings –and History and Environment in general– as a touristic attraction and as an economic booster for certain communities.

4) to increase self steem and pride in communities about their local history and, at the same time, to provide them with the idea of belonging to a larger and European network with a common past

Project activities foreseen:

– transfer of knowledge and skills among partners related to management, conservation and promotion of these peculiar historical sites;

– development of pilot experiences;

– investigation on ways for presenting this heritage to the public, in order to create a better visitor experience (with the use of new technologies)

– communication and dissemination activities to promote interest in the history and role of watchtowers and develop heritage tourism.

Description of added value/european dimension:

Cooperation within EU is vital to reach the objectives of this project. Mobility of cultural operators builds up knowledge and awareness of the interlinked nature of this cultural heritage. The promotion and circulation of pilot experiences and works allows to facilitate the development of best practices at European level and the creation of an international network.

Audience development. Public engagement

– Strong communication and dissemination plan that includes differentiated audiences: tourist sector, historians/academia, local government managers, enviromental sector,….

Expected results / Impact

– different models of reuse and fruition of watchtowers, as integration of pilot projects and other shared activities;

– enhancement of fruition by local and international visitors

– raised awareness on our common European past

– Growth of the local economy around the watchtower

– Awareness on conservation of historical sites or constructions and their surroundings

Partners searched

Countries (or region)
Profile Potential partners could be located in countries where watchtowers played an important role in safeguarding boundaries in the past. Should be interested in sharing their experience in managing and promoting this heritage, and to develop an interconnected European network.



Currently, the partnership is composed by Italy and Spain. But,  we are waiting for English partner.


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Culture sub-Program 

European Cooperation Projects
Deadline 5th of October 2016

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Stowarzyszenie Legalna Muzyka / Association Legal Music
Short description Stowarzyszenie Legalna Muzyka (Association Legal Music) is a non-governmental organization which brings culture to the Pomeranian region of Poland. We organize festivals, concerts, cultural events. We have experience in the production and organization Soundrive Festival (since 2012), the biggest alternative festival in Pomerania Region, held in  industrial, historical area – Gdańsk Shipyard.

We would like to broaden our activity and cooperate with other organizations from all over the Europe.

Contact details Association Legal Music

Bohaterów Monte Cassino 54


Agnieszka Labenz


Field(s)  Music / Interdisciplinary projects / Audience development / Visual arts / Dance
Description  Main idea of our project is to engage international artists involved in a various fields of art to cooperate around the theme of jazz and improvisation. Project aim is to create artistic events such as concerts, spectacles and other, in order to raise the audience’s awareness of the boundlessness of art.  The goal of work is to allow the artists to share their experiences and to help European audience to grow. Artistic events will be carried out in Poland as well as in a partner’s countries. The projects will have an intertextual form – combining jazz and improvisation with other forms of art.

Project will be held on Browar Gdański Kulturalny (Cultural Gdańsk Brewery). This is a unique project of revitalisation and adaptation of the extraordinary space located in the historical cellars and Browar Gdański (Gdańsk Brewery’s) buildings.


Partners searched

Countries All countries
Profile We are looking for: dance theaters, non- governmental organizations, institutes, associations etc. cooperating in fields such as: music, visual arts, multimedia, movie.


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Culture sub-Program 

European Cooperation Projects
Deadline 5th October 2016

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Muzeum w Lęborku/ Museum of Lebork
Short description Situated in the town centre,  the Museum in Lebork houses a wide range of  historical and ethnographic arfefacts and art work including contemporary pieces. The Museum also holds one of the most important archaeological collections in Central Europe.  Due to its proximity to Leba, a top tourist destination on the Polish coast, the Museum reaches a wide audience through its promotional work  e.g., at  the Slowinski National Park famous for its shifting sand dunes,  the 120-berth marina, as well as the hugely popular Stilo light-house.

The Museum welcomes volunteers from all over Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, and Georgia so far)  through the  European Voluntary Service (EVS – European Voluntary Service) the 2 Youth in Action Programme, created and funded by the European Commission. Together with  Association EduQ, the Museum is pleased to play a role in the development of these young people, to  help them acquire new skills and overcome barriers, prejudices and stereotypes.

Lebork Museum also runs an extremely popular workshop series focused on disappearing ancient and medieval crafts covering  techniques such as  weaving, handmade paper,  stained glass, pottery, etc.

As part of the Culture Programme project “Childhood. Remains and Heritage”, the Museum in Lebork prepared a puppet show “Little Red Riding Hood” in two languages, held workshops to create  the puppets and  scenery for this theatre using handmade paper,  sewing, felting and  linocut techniques and organised  a group bicycle ride “down memory lane”.

Lebork Museum works hard to involve the public of all ages in its activies run throughout the year and encourages active participation – whether through workshops, treasure hunts, annual themed costumed events or temporary exhibitions

Contact details Museum of Lebork

Młynarska 14-15
Tel. 00 48 59 862 24 14


Marzena Kańczuga


Field(s) Heritage; interpretation, enhancing, facilitating access to culture for different target groups.

The museum has a well-equipped conservation workshop and highly qualified staff which enable us to implement projects in this field -Interdisciplinary projects including those related to international exchange of personnel, social challenge.


We are open and willing to participate in projects which would be an opportunity for us to work in the international environment in order to exchange experience in the field of culture.

Partners searched

Countries All countries.


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Culture sub-Program

The Modern Poland Foundation
Deadline 5th October 2016

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska / The Modern Poland Foundation
Short description In the times of digital media, freedom of speech and freedom of communication need special support and protection. We believe that only free culture is worth our effort. Users’ rights are the foundation of democracy and the public domain should be a rule to which information monopolies are an exception.

Freedom of communication is only possible when citizens use free tools to control the flow of information, have media and information competences and have access to free knowledge. Therefore we build open educational resources, develop free digitalization technologies and effectively influence public policies in the field of exclusive rights.

We built the most popular Polish free online library www.wolnelektury.pl which has already gained the audience of 3,8 million users per year. Since its launch we have published over 4300 literary texts. We constantly develop tools for digitalizing and releasing books in various formats: XML, HTML, PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2 and via mobile applications, OPDS catalog, OAI-PMH protocol and open API. We developed web software for publishing fully semantic educational materials and an editing platform to prepare them for release. All of the software is freely available under the GNU AGPL licence.

We prepared a catalogue of media and information literacy competences approved by the Polish National Commission for UNESCO as a significant input into the Information For All international program. On its basis we continue working on a complete set of educational materials for students of all ages. Our goal is to popularize the media and information education among students and teachers by organizing a national knowledge contest.

We help citizens understand copyright and free licences application by developing an information website, publishing guidelines and providing legal helpdesk. We organize copyright trainings attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, public institutions, businesses as well as artists and students. We conduct social campaigns aiming at making citizens aware of their rights as active culture users.

We publish texts (including translations) that are crucial to the debate on the shape and changes of the copyright law as well as on methods of finansing culture (i.e. Philippe Aigrain, Eben Moglen).

The Modern Poland Foundation was one of the leading organizations that publicly supported users’ rights during the Polish protests against ACTA in 2012. In the last years we took part in a few dozen social consultations and governmental workshop meetings. As a result, we affected the final shape of the reuse of public sector information act in Poland, we influenced the creation and development of the governmental free e-textbooks program entitled Digital School (available under the free licence CC-BY) and we co-created the Culture Pact signed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

By organizing the CopyCamp conference we highlight the need of discussion on copyright and related subjects and we enable presentation of various points of view on the matter. We conduct a crowd-founded international Future of Copyright contest for the best literary pieces on the future of the copyright law.

Within the frames of the Coalition for Open Education we promote the Polish Open Educational Resources. We systematically work on maintaining the solid public domain in Poland by promoting the Public Domain Fund and co-organizing the annual Public Domain Day.

Contact details The Modern Poland Foundation

ul. Marszałkowska 84/92 lok. 125
tel. 00 48 (22) 621-30-17


Paulina Choromańska


Field(s)  Heritage / Festival / Literature/ Interdisciplinary projects / Audience development

We support projects related to culture, especially literature, online libraries under Creative Commons licenses. We are interested in the organization of cultural events, literary festivals, international events supporting the development of  digital and culture skills .

Partners searched

Countries All countries.








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Culture sub-Program

European Cooperation Projects: Small Scale Project
Deadline October 5, 2016

Cultural operator(s)

Name The New Theatre of the Disabled
Short description The New Theatre was established in 2008. The New Theatre is the first of its kind in Lithuania, independent and aspiring to professional theatre-making. It is a theatre for people with disabilities and people from various social groups: healthy and disabled, professional and amateur artists together create theatre performances. Over the course of seven years the New Theatre has presented thirteen performances to an audience of adults and children.
The New Theatre is developed as a social enterprise of disabled persons with multiple departments: artistic part, administration, management and projects group. We currently employ 35 people (in the 21-70 age range), 32 of which have a disability (blindness, poor vision, wheel chair, physical and mental disabilities), they receive remuneration each month.
The New Theatre shows its productions all over Lithuania (professional state theatres, culture centers, schools, pre-schools institutions, cultural events). The New Theatre is not attached to a permanent troupe or only one artistic director, by means of different theatre forms and methods the Theatre offers a wide and diverse range of performance genres (puppet shows, clownade, meditative reading, poetry, table theatre, drama, comedy, tragicomedy, vaudeville, etc.).
The New Theatre also works with volunteers (mainly young people, pupils and students) and provides theatre skills training.
In the year 2016, The New Theatre in Lithuania was awarded with two important nominations: “Breaking Down the Walls” and “Heroes Among Us” from the President of the Republic and Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

Contact details Our address:
Neįgaliųjų Naujasis teatras
A. Jakšto g. 9 – 136
LT-01105, Vilnius

Monika Nemanytė Project coordinator, Contact person (English, French) Mob. (+370) 6110 2020
Administrator (Russian) Mob. (+370) 6077 0313
E-mail: nntprojektai@gmail.com
The New Theatre website: www.naujasisteatras.lt

Field(s) Theatre (performing arts)
Description The New Theatre of the Disabled seeks a partner for a joint project under Creative Europe Program, involving presentation of theatre plays, theatre coproduction, courses, trainings & workshops, cultural exchange, exchange of experiences, participation at international theatre festivals and tours for disabled and non-disabled.

Partners searched

Countries any European country
Profile Culture, theatre, disabled and special needs,
Cooperation of disabled an healthy professional actors
Other… We seek international partners for a joint project and cooperation (till now we were operating in Lithuania and had one tour to Poland).
We believe we could expand our horizons by cooperating with similar professional and non-professional theatre groups in Europe in order to give more opportunities for the very talented disabled people. We are interested in conducting activities aimed at professional activisation of disabled people. We welcome the idea to would like firstly start cooperation in exchange of visits, visiting and seeing each other (rehearsals, theatre plays for adults or children, theatre education).


The project  is about engaging performers choreographers, architects, archaeologists – curators and museum professionals into a dialogue about the role of performance art in deconstructing, reassembling and reperforming the past.

partner search EFADYAT




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Culture sub-programme
Strand/category cooperation projects
Deadline 1st April 2016
Cultural operator(s)
Name “George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău (RO, project leader)
Short description
The “George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău is one of the leading state-funded project theatres and festival venues in Romania. It is funded by the local council of the Buzău County. It is also a member of the NETA European platform: http://neta-network.org/membership/.
Cultural Association “7” is an NGO functioning as a private theatre in Bucharest. We aim to create performances inspired by issues that are relevant to contemporary society and to promote emergent artists. We have created one-on-one telematic performances for audiences in Bucharest and London, connecting participants with performers from USA, Australia and Europe.
UCAM is a private university with 18 years of history and more than 15.000 students that offers 24 prominent European official graduations, 35 Master programs, 17 PhD programs and other prestigious titles. Its teaching method is based on a personalized attention with reduced students per classes and a personal tutor for each student. UCAM also offers a modern system of distance teaching.
Contact details Marina Hanganu – marina.watson@yahoo.com
Field(s) theatre, interdisciplinary art, telematic art, participatory art
Telematic performance involves the use of real-time videoconferencing (e.g. Skype) and has the potential to connect different spaces across the world.
Objectives: 1) We aim to develop the genre of telematic participatory performance, contributing to research in the field of both participatory performance and digital art. 2) We wish to explore the dynamic of relationships between family members brought apart by distance, with all their factors of influence. 3) We wish to facilitate the audience’s engagement in the performance by means of participatory strategies, in order to increase the project’s impact and to diversify our audience. 4) We aim to create a European network of practitioners (both emergent and established) interested in telematic participatory performance who could continue to collaborate after the end of this project (they can be not only artists, but also engineers or IT experts who are interested in exploring telematics in the arts).
Partners searched
EU-eligible countries (apart from Spain and Romania) where there is significant migration from/to other EU countries (preferably to/from Romania or Spain). Examples of countries (but not only): UK, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway etc.
The partner should be a university with a theatre department that could contribute to our research and/or with acting students.
If it cannot contribute with actor-students, the partner should be able to bring additional technological expertise and support – we are looking for a digital lab, a university with a digital department, or other similar institutions.


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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Cooperative, small-scale project
Deadline October 2016

 Cultural operator(s)

Name ATMEN/Françoise Tartinville
Short description Contemporary Dance Company
Contact details Françoise Tartinville (ftartinville@atmen.org)


Field(s) Contemporary Dance, Architecture, Urbanism, Heritage, Social Link
Description Overprinted : this project brings together dancers, musicians, architects, researchers in the field of holography and the residents of a neighborhood.

Based on contemporary dance, the aim of the project is to bond connections between scientific and artistic disciplines by creating a social link with the inhabitants of a neighborhood throughout an outdoor danced walk.

Looking for Partners

Countries Europe (Spain, Germany, UK, EU east countries, Turkey)

Asia (China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand)

Profile Specialized in the of fields of arts, architecture, urbanism, heritage and optic technology



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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Cooperative, small-scale project
Deadline October 2016


Cultural operator(s)

Contact details Emmanuelle RAMONDETTI – e.ramondetti@ballet-de-marseille.com ou 00.33.(0)


Description The central theme is the circulation of young dancers in the process of professionalization at the European level around the theme “Body in revolt”. Within every partner, an artist will work with young dancers of an unit of professionalization integration in connection with other discipline.

Looking for Partners






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European Programme CREATIVE EUROPE


European cooperation projects


Deadline: 5th of October 2016

References of the last call published by the European Commission:





How promote an innovative use of cultural heritage to encourage the local communities’ belonging to the historical monuments

of their own territory and an attractive and sustainable cultural tourism thanks to effective audience development strategy,

new digital technologies and capacities building?

How contribute to build co-creative capacities (for artists and local inhabitants – particularly for non-audiences) to contribute

to keep continuously local monuments alive and pleasant for the local communities daily common wellbeing?




In the framework of an ERASMUS+/KA1/Adult education staff mobility project, the Abbaye aux Dame and its local cross-sectorial committee have identified good practices in terms of audience development strategies and methodologies in 4 EU countries (France, Italy, Denmark, Croatia). These good practices have been analyzed, adapted and experimented in new contexts and evaluated. Art participating activities dedicated to local populations have been successfully implemented and evaluated, and an transferable prototype of “3D sound binaural Music and Heritage Discovery Tour” is currently realized at the Abbaye aux Dames (official inauguration planed on the 19th of June 2016).

The Abbaye aux Dames would like to develop with new European and non-European cultural coorganisers adapted and joint strategies and models, products and evaluation tools in order to reinforce the European cohesion and assure the European cultural heritage transmission to future generations.

This cooperation project will integrate cultural organization and creative industries in the framework of an inter-sectorial and transnational staff connected with European and international professional networks involved in the educational, cultural and touristic sectors.

We propose you to develop a new approach to cultural heritage and its interpretation that consists in:


• Preserving and enhancing a whole cultural landscape with interconnected historical monuments rather than isolated sites

• Becoming more people-centered

• Organizing an intelligent dialogue between different points of view thanks to an increasingly community-oriented approach, led by people and stories, for instance proposing heritage-based narratives that weave the personal stories of community members into the interpretation of larger historical events

• Interacting the audiences with the collections by placing them at the heart of the activities.

• Taking new opportunities offered by digitization and online accessibility that enable unprecedented forms of engagement and open up new revenue streams


• Identifying the relevant cultural key-competencies applicable for the cultural heritage by targeted groups

• Organizing involving art participating activities that associate guest artists with usual and non-usual audience of historical monuments

• Evaluating qualitatively the experience and the impact of cultural tourism activities on growth and cohesion of the involved territories

Who we are ABBAYE AUX DAMES – LA CITÉ MUSICALE – SAINTES – FRANCEThe Abbaye aux Dames, located in Saintes in southwest France, is a French “1901 Association”.

Constructed in the 11th century, the abbey itself is today a music school, hostel (in the historical monument),

provider of social housing and classical concert venue (the Festival de Saintes).

For over 40 years, music lovers have been attending the abbey to enjoy and learn about music,

with a special emphasis on the use of period instruments.

Located in the town of Saintes (France) between Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Cognac


What kind of partner(s) are we looking for? • Higher Education Institutions specialised in educational and cultural policies evaluation

• Cultural and artistic bodies / cultural historical monuments

• Cultural organisations specialising in innovative heritage interpretation and art participating involving activities

• Creative industries and audience development agencies

• PR and/or tourism marketing companies

• European and international networks involved in the framework of the culture, education, classical music, cultural heritage and tourism

Description of the project Key aims of the project:

STRUCTURE the cultural heritage sector and creative industries by spreading excellence human and digital best practices for audiences development

PROMOTE the historical monuments as facilitating venues for an inclusive transmission of cultural and creative key-competencies to new (non) audiences

TRAIN the cultural stakeholders and heritage interpreters to develop art innovative and participating activities with the local inhabitants of their territory

ANALYSE the expectations, motivations, and satisfaction of local inhabitants and visitors in order to continually develop the project approach in a virtuous circle

DEVELOP a common adapted competencies building evaluation methodology to European/international level to prove the essential role of culture in the society

IMPROVE and STANDARDISE the heritage interpretation competencies in truly curriculum accredited by national and European high education institutions and/or European excellence label in European/international professional networks and European/international cultural organisations


For instance 2 artistic inspiration subjects have been included in the 3D binaural sound Music and Heritage Discovery Tour prototype of the Abbaye aux Dames :

• The history of the abbey and its various uses since construction in 1047 that include political, cultural, and religious history, as well as covering the everyday life of past and present users of the site

• An introduction to classical music history and performance based on historical research and the practice of period instruments.

The Abbaye aux Dames would like to involve other European historical monuments and other “Cities of Culture” in the framework of an active cooperation network. 

  • Training activities and bootcamps for cultural heritage interpreters (in architecture, classic music, etc.) for developing good practices and competencies
  • Artistic interdisciplinary residences with different artistic fields (classical music, storytelling, circus art, photography, digital image projections, etc.) in historical monuments with cultural heritage interpretation involving participating activities for local inhabitants and tourists visitors
  • Conception and creation of innovative interactive outreach digital tools focused on historical building architecture and classical music (voice and instrumental practices, history of music, interpretation, composition, notation, life of its famous composers, etc.)
  • Binaural 3D classical music recordings and digitalisation of classical music archives in the framework of an European collaborative digital database
  • Audience survey focused on artistic and cultural key-competencies and its evaluation in the framework of each local work-in-progress project
  • Marketing and promotion strategies for cultural tourism by developing new storytelling approach with the cultural participant users
  • Contribution to the European and international professional networks in the field of the education, cultural heritage, tourism and musical industry
  • Conferences in/outside Europe


Coorganisers The Abbaye aux Dames presented last October 2015 an application to CREATIVE EUROPE / small scale with 4 other European cultural and creative organisations: Narrative (FR), the city of Skanderborg (DK), Modulo (FR) and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (HR). Final selection results will be known in March 2016.
Contact Vincent SOCCODATO

European projects coordinator

+ 33 / (0)5 46 97 48 46



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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Cooperative, small-scale project
Deadline October 2016

 Cultural operator(s)

Name ATMEN/Françoise Tartinville
Short description Contemporary Dance Company
Contact details Françoise Tartinville (ftartinville@atmen.org)


Field(s) Contemporary Dance, Architecture, Urbanism, Heritage, Social Link
Description Overprinted : this project brings together dancers, musicians, architects, researchers in the field of holography and the residents of a neighborhood.

Based on contemporary dance, the aim of the project is to bond connections between scientific and artistic disciplines by creating a social link with the inhabitants of a neighborhood throughout an outdoor danced walk.

Looking for Partners

Countries Europe (Spain, Germany, UK, EU east countries, Turkey)

Asia (China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand)

Profile Specialized in the of fields of arts, architecture, urbanism, heritage and optic technology


Partner search
Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Cooperative, small-scale project
Deadline October 2016

  Cultural operator(s)

Name Mille et une scènes
Short description ·         Create, produce, distribute professional and non-professional plays of a multi-linguistic nature (mainly French and English).

·         Organize workshops in acquisition of English through theatrical methodology. Theatrical language is used as a pedagogical tool to deliver multidisciplinary workshops and training.

Contact details Irene Golovine



(0 33) 6 11 37 13 29


Description Play:

Entitled “Mahan”: a collaborative writing project (multi-language play without subtitles).


Irène Golovine

Writer, director, actor, acting director, theater adaptation. (French citizen, currently working in France)

Mark C.Thompson

Director, acting director, scenographer, choreographer, mime. (American citizen, currently working in USA)

Hamid Reza Javdan

Director, actor, storyteller, mask. (double citizenship French and Iranian, currently working in France)

Jean François Cuvelier

Musician, sound technician (French citizen, currently working for the music conservatory of Genevilliers with whom we are planning a partnership)

Tour in Europe and USA, with a trans-national and transdisciplinary dimension

Through both public and private institutions, develop and validate a process of learning a foreign language working from a theatrically based pedagogy, through a scientific approach that integrates insights and techniques from neuroscience and cognitive science.

Dialoguing and collaborating closely and in partnership with:

·         Scientists in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive science (where neuroscience has a physiological focus, including the nature of neurons and the brain, and cognitive science studies the nature of the human mind);

·         Specialists in foreign language acquisition  and studies;

·         Educational institutions, including elementary and middle schools, and universities: Teaching a foreign language through theatrical methods leading to workshops; pedagogical flipbooks; publications; documentaries; conferences, and so on;

·         Higher learning departments of language art and science, opening the possibility of research into new topics as the basis for doctoral and other theses.

Looking for Partners

Countries Any!
Profile Universities, scientists, researchers, schools, cultural centers that can host presentations of the play and participate in the global project.


Through a melody of chosen words, the public will be invited to journey where fears, desires, questioning, laugher mix. Between reality and imagination, two actors walk in the desert for three days, sharing the story of the Turquoise Pavilion (a tale from the 12th century by the Persian poet, Nizami Ganjavi).

For the public to listen to the sound of an unknown language without subtitles activates different parts of the brain… Which ones…? Why does reception go through another level of communication…? Where do imagination and reality meet …? What is the influence of our state of mind upon our learning abilities and wellbeing? To these questions, science proposes new approaches.

“We have one foot in the physical world. In the physical world, we can all agree on what a “dog” is. Or a cup. Or how that rock is grey. The physical world is absolute truth. But we also have one foot in the cognitive world. This is the cognitive world of ideas, cultures, religions, social practices…. All man-made. And all constructed by the use of language patterns and models in our brain.”
(Vishen Lakhiani)

Awakening, seeking and using the multitude of resources that live within us is a great challenge in life. Theatrical art as tool is a magnificent way to respond to that challenge. Especially in the learning process of a foreign language. Repetition is key; somehow, we become what we repeat. Language becomes part of our body, emotions cause movement, the voice speaks while the mind remains silent…. And a world of possibilities opens up in the world of the theater.

“Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances”

“There is now a growing and yet uncharted movement toward wellbeing and extended human capacities. Including responsibilities for our emotions, relationships, differences, tolerances of others, self respect, kindness…. and enhancement of creativity.”
(Barbara Marx Hubbard)

I hope I have awakened your curiosity as well as drawn your attention to the multidisciplinary and highly general aspect of my project. Remarks or questions are, of course, welcome.



Partner search Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Support to European Cooperation Projects 2017
Deadline October 2016


Cultural operator(s)

Name and country Culture Workshop Dagmar – Denmark
Short description Culture Workshop Dagmar is a cultural organization based in Copenhagen.

One of our goals is to promote art and culture around Europe in the west area of Copenhagen with the aid of local live events, activities for children and documentary.

We have been active in the cultural field for 30 years.

Contact details Dagmar’s hompage http://www.kulturdagmar.dk

Contact person: Angelo Pone, IT and Electronics Engineer and Video Producer

email: angelopone(at)hotmail.com Tel. +45 40 300 299

Proposed Creative Europe project

Field(s) Culture and audiovisual
Description We want to create and develop a common European dynamic platform on the Internet, integrated with the social media, where European artists, cultural operators, cultural organizations and art galleries can produce and edit portrait documentary (hvad er en portrait documentary) for musicians, photographers, painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, and writers. The aim of the project is for artists to promote, spread and divulge their creativity in Europe and beyond by a short films of max 40 minutes in length at the most. The applicable format video standard for the production will be HD or UHD. The short films will be filmed in local languages and subtitled in English or other languages and stored on a streaming server and embedded on the Internet platform where European audience have the opportunity to enjoy the contents of the platform, be informed on European cultural events, and become an essential part with it.

Partners currently involved in the project (if any)

Name of organisation and country 1.       Alba Iulia Municipality, Romania

Contact Person: Nicolaie Moldovan, City Manager of Alba Iulia Municipality

E-mail: moldovan.nicolaie(at)gmail.com  Tel. 40 372-586428

Partners searched

Countries Any EU country, EEA countries and neighbourhood countries.
Preferred profile It is absolutely essential for us, to apply for funds from the EU, as this project has a clear European dimension. This means that it must be a project that is built from the ground between the partners from different European countries and the works must be created by artists or cultural producers from different countries, in different countries, like the audience in different countries must be able to benefit from the project. Therefore we are looking for European partners like museums, art galleries, cultural heritage companies, video producers, artists, festival organizations, cinema d’essay and TV stations.

Previous Creative Europe or Culture 2007-2013 programme experience (if any)

Project name(s) no experience
Role within projects /

Are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?

Yes X
What kind of projects are you interested in participating in? European platforms for audiovisual on arts and cultures.



Partner search
Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Creative Europe, European Cooperation Projects (Large Scale) “Criss Cross Europe”

Deadline 7 October 2015

Cultural operator(s) Name JazzLab Series (BE) – project leader
Confirmed partners: Jazzclub Unterfahrt (G), Music:LX (LU), Jazzclub Porgy&Bess (AT), Muzieklab Brabant (NL), Jazzus (F), Music Centre Slovakia (SK)

See MORE :formulier-partnersearch_CRISSCROSSEUROPE (1)




Partner search

Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Creative Europe – small cooperation projects
Deadline Beginning of October

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Thomas More University College
Short description Thomas More University is the largest university college in Flanders – Belgium, offering over 30 professional bachelor programs in 7 study areas and 13 campuses in the province of Antwerp. The University College, part of the KU Leuven Association, an association (°2002) of the Catholic University of Leuven, 11 University Colleges and the Catholic University of Brussels. Through state-of-the art education, applied research and scientific consultancy, Thomas More University College plays an important and strategic role in Flanders and the development of the region.This project will be executed by Memori, a center of expertise of the More Media and Business School in Mechelen. Memori realizes applied research and scientific services in the areas of media and communication, marketing and management, tourism and social inclusion. The Memori activities are developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and lecturers. In addition, Memori has a tradition of good interaction of expertise between technological and economic/social science oriented researchers and practitioners and a strong involvement of students and lecturers. Research has a strong focus on user involvement and adoption, with special attention for hard-to-reach groups.
Contact details Mats VanmolkotMats.vanmolkot@thomasmore.be+32(0)485 95 23 45

Kris Vancluysen


+32(0)479 68 79 54


Field(s) Museums
Description CONTEXTIn an increasingly dynamic and even turbulent digital consumer context, most cultural sectors remain lagging when it comes to catering to significant shifts in the way people experience, interact with and share content through new digital technologies. This is a challenge especially for museums which often have to work with very limited budgets.However, despite limited budgets a number of promising digital technologies are reaching maturity levels where they can effectively offer a range of possibilities to cater to the changed content consumption patterns of currently unreached and under-served audiences. Examples of such technologies and their applications range from giving continuously updated information, to content and experience co-creation, social networking, interactive communication, community building, online edutainment, mobilization of audiences, crowdfunding, use of virtual or augmented reality, …  and even to complete new business models based on a digital strategy.

The European museums have not all yet fully explored or actively used these new digital instruments. TRACES will bring together museums from different EU countries and offer them a chance to develop or enhance their digital audience development strategy or work on a specific digital project.



TRACES is a transnational project to help the European museums on identifying, developing and sharing essential know-how, competences and skills required for the effective and efficient deployment of innovative digital technologies focused on audience development. In cross border workshops, guided by the partners (knowledge institutions) and digital professionals, we train and educate museum professionals on how to develop and implement their digital strategy to attract and consolidate new audiences.



Project approach:

  • Promotion // Application // Selection // Participation // Sharing
  • Participation in the form of transnational, interdisciplinary expert workshops through the “shape – build – launch” principle
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Please contact us for more detailed information about the intended project approach.


Our primary target public are museum professionals participating in the workshops. We will train and educate them in their skills on digital audience development techniques.


Our secondary target public are museum professionals all over Europe and other people interested in audience development strategies and technologies.

Partners searched

Countries Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe
Profile Type of partner wanted: expertise and research centers on audience development, interactive media, digital media, media innovations and technologies; sectoral organizations (cultural and creative industries); public authorities representing museums.



 Partner search
Culture sub-Program 

Cooperation projects/smaller scale
Deadline October 7 2015

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Józefowie
Short description Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Józefowie (Culture Center of Józefów) is a municipal institution that was founded in 1973.  It manages with various cultural events within the city of Józefów. The Culture Center’s objective is to support high culture and raise quality of cultural awareness. It’s trying to satisfy cultural needs for all age groups . Thanks to various events, dancing competitions, concerts and exhibitions the Culture Centre creates unique, alive mosaic of culture.  Culture Center of Józefów  puts a lot of effort to combine modern and traditional culture and cooperates with every kind of institution that wants to make local culture better. Many well-known polish artist and musicians was there. Institution also hosts some known events like Tadeusz Nalepa’s Blues Festival.
Contact details Agnieszka Rogalska- JungPhone : +48 22 789 22 84m.zelewski@mokjozefow.pl


Field(s) European Festival of Gentry’s culture- July 2017
Description This project gives an opportunity to expand and promote non-materialistic cultural heritage. It is targeted to various communities and age groups. This project involves ancestors of noble families and aristocracy. Project allows to get to know already forgotten values, elements of culture, good habits, gentry’s etiquette, fashion, dances, customs also connected to time of year, patriotic and charity actions.Our goal is to remind, that aristocratic families brought development of culture and art and science in their countries. We are looking for partners to support the project. We want to divide the festival on four weeks. Partner from every country will organize a week of gentry’s culture where shows, concerts, fashion fests, hunting, hunting’s dog shows, competitions or dancing can take place. All this cultural events will transport from one partner to another.Results of this project can be inestimable. For the first time in twenty-first century we can go back to noble culture. International communication, social awareness, history, gathering information, also about successors,  civil activity and cultural exchange has a big priority.Involved social media sites, internet pages, and participants will allow to propagate project worldwide. Worldwide attention is considered, because every country created their culture not only with folk, but also with higher social categories.

Partners searched

Countries Any EU country participating in the Creative Europe Program, EEA countries
Profile Museums, Arts organizations, Libraries, Theatres, Schools etc.


Partner search
Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Culture Sub-Programme
Deadline October 2016

 Cultural operator(s) 

Name “NIE TYLKO…” Foundation for the Disabled PersonsProfessional Disabled Artists Theatre Group TEATR O.N.
Short description In the period from 2007 to 2015, the “NIE TYLKO…” Foundation for the Disabled Persons has provided assistance to a group of 160 disabled and special needs persons of all ages, including those with DS and cerebral palsy from all over Poland, and has cooperated with 120 youth and 30 seniors (60)+.The Foundation’s activity is focused on implementation of programmes of professional and social development through performing arts and is conducted in cooperation with professional theatres in Warsaw, i.e. Teatr Kamienica, Teatr IMKA, Teatr Żydowski [State Jewish Theatre], Teatr Narodowy [National Theatre], Teatr Studio, Teatr Polski and Basen Artystyczny.The main objective as well as priority for the “NIE TYLKO…” Foundation is to manage the Professional Disabled Artists Theatre Group TEATR O.N. – a permanent troupe of professional actors with intellectual disabilities.
Contact details fun.nietylko@wp.pl    +48  601-169-695


Field(s) Theatre (performing arts)
Description First Polish Professional Disabled Artists Theatre Group TEATR O.N. – comprising a permanent troupe of 15 actors and 30 youth apprentices with intellectual disabilities and DS seeks a partner for a joint project under Creative Europe Programme, involving theatre cooproduction, trainings & workshops and exchange of experiences.

Partners searched

Profile Culture – disabled and special needs