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Platvormide taotlusvoor 2017


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 Culture sub-Program

Strand/category European Platforms  / Cooperation Projects (large, small)
Deadline 6 April 2017 / Beginning of 2018

 Cultural operator(s)

Name ESPRONCEDA – Center for Art & Culture / Barcelona
Short description www.espronceda.net

ESPRONCEDA is an innovative centre for Art & Culture.

Its mission is to provide a platform for creation which promotes international dialogue between artists, curators, critics, collectors, cultural institutions and lovers of art.

It provides residencies for national/international artists (and curators) .

Espronceda believes in international cooperation and has established agreements with international organizations to allow for the development of a global exchange of ideas.

Contact details Dr. Holger Sprengel – holger@espronceda.net




Field(s) Looking for a project
 contemporary arts,multidisciplinary
Description The Espronceda programme provides production residencies for national/international artists and curates a cumulative exhibition of their work in Barcelona at the end of each residency.

The centre promotes educational and cultural diffusions by presenting exhibitions by renowned artist as well as by exploring curatorial concepts and by organising concerts, workshops and hosting meetings for art professionals.
Espronceda believes in international cooperation and has established agreements with APT (Artists Pension Trust), Rufa University, the Royal School of Arts, and many more organizations to allow for the development of a global exchange of ideas, and for creators to contribute to a greater tolerance and understanding of world cultures.

Looking for Partners

Countries Any country
Profile We are interested in joining a consortium for European Platforms or Cooperation projects (small and large). We have experience with European projects and proposal writing. PIC number is available




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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Support to European Platforms
Deadline 06 April 2017

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Loran Art Gallery
Short description The main subject of activity of Loran art gallery is the organization of exhibitions in the capital Sofia, but also initiating or taking part in cultural events throughout the country. For its 10-year history our team has build up strong partnerships both with national and city cultural institutions, museums, galleries, etc. The high reputation of the gallery is due to the work of well-known art critics, curators, restorers, valuers with long experience in the art market, as well as leading experts in cultural heritage. The scope of business activity is also related to trading fine art – both works by famous contemporary artists and cultural valuables of the Bulgarian artistic heritage. Loran art gallery initiates and gives support to different projects significant to the society, in the areas of education, contemporary art, preservation and popularisation of cultural heritage.
Contact details 16 Oborishte Str.

1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

e-mail: galleryloran@gmail.com

tel.: +359887 351 039

contact person: Marta Tsvetanova


Field(s) Sharing European cultural heritage. Mobility and visibility of European creators and artists and the circulation of their works, in particular those lacking international exposure
Description Sharing cultural heritage of national and international significance through the exchange of experience and good practices could benefit for the development and building new audiences. Making the access to Europe’s values easier would help increasing the number of cultural and educational products interesting both to the specialists in the particular area and to the general public.

Promotion of artists and creators, especially emerging talent

and their works; Development and building new audiences; Networking activities: information, animation and communication; audience development, including building new audience, especially young people; educational and awareness-raising activities, especially towards young people; development of new business models, including the use of innovative distribution models.

Looking for Partners

Countries All eligible countries for the call for proposals under the Support for European Platforms 2017
Profile Cultural organisations




Cultural operator(s)

Name Elite Art Club UNESCO Association
Short description Elite Art Club UNESCO is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization which begun its activity in 2003 and in 2010 became the sole representative in Romania of the Jeunesses Musicales International global network – the most extensive nongovernmental organization in the world, dedicated to promoting young musicians.

All the projects of the association are aimed at sustaining and developing the professional career of young artists and some of its priorities are the supporting of Romanian artists and the international promotion of their works.

Contact details Mihaela Dragomir, Director mihaela.dragomir@eliteart.org


Field(s) WeShopArt

Visual arts dedicated platform

The aim of the platform is to promote artistic creation in the public space, to attract a wide audience and to promote mobility and visibility for European artists and their works.

Description The platform will enable the young artists to create a virtual community of artists, will provide them with networking opportunities and will allow them to promote and market their works in Europe and at a global level. Also, the global public will benefit from easy access to contemporary European art. The project will reunite a minimum of 10 member-organizations which are active in cultural and creative domains and their mission will be to offer assistance to the young artists they represent who want to get involved in the project and to monitor their development.

The platform will contain presentations of the artists such as their CVs and portfolios, a blog with news regarding the art world and an art store. In order to facilitate the public’s accessibility to all the information regarding the European artistic domain, the website will be in English. The platform will also contain the updated schedules of all the partner institutions so that the public may be informed regarding ongoing exhibits and cultural projects. In order to promote the project and the partners, at least 3 exhibits in alternative spaces with high-traffic will be organized (airports, subway stations, international train stations).

Partners searched

Countries United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia , Montenegro, Albania,Tunisia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Czech republic, Georgia, Estonia, Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, Greece
Profile Cultural Organization, Art /Visual arts, Academies, art organizations, University Art departments



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Culture sub-Program

Strand/category European Platforms
Deadline 6 April 2017

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Youth Initiative For Creative Engagement IMKA
Short description We organised classical music concerts, exhibitions, fairs, camps,

competitions and classical music tours in Bosnia&Herzegovina, Italy,

Spain, Malta, Greece, USA.

Key words: promoting classical musicians and their works /crossborder cooperation /artist mobility / competence building

Contact details https://internetmusiccompetition.com ; Imkaartists@gmail.com


Field(s) Organisations of Classical Musicians -Instrumentalists/ Orchestras/ Music Schools
Description Creation of Network / Concert opportunities /

/ Creation of mix ansambles/ Artist Management in Europe

Looking for Partners

Countries Sweden, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania




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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category CALLS FOR PROPOSALS – EACEA 06/2017 –

Support to European Platforms

Deadline 06 April 2017, 12:00 CET/CEST (Midday, Brussels time).

 Cultural operator(s)

Short description TOPOS PANTOU ( a place everywhere), a Pan European Net to connect Theaters, Arts and people and implement new ways to approach Controvercy, Divercity, Cultural and Social issues in general. A platform to bear New Ideas.
Contact details NIKOLAS KAMTSIS, Director    nkariel@gmail.com


Field(s) TOPOSPANTOU network

Creative problem-solving methods related to social, cultural & educational environments.

Audience development in relation with Culture and events connected to social issues, such as any kind of diversity, racism, bullying, trafficking etc)

The aim of the platform will be the exchange of young theater and performance art creators to develop new techniques to approach social problems through theater and numerous types of  arts.

Description This Platform will attempt to approach important Community issues and problems through Theater and the Arts.

By using theater techniques and different types of Theater practices, Theater can approach social problems such as Diversity, Bullying, Racism, Human trafficking, xenophobia and many more.

The net will promote the exchange between professionals from numerous fields of the Theater and the Performative Arts. Furthermore, the Net will promote the mobility of Young Artists to work with the Arts & Theater organizations of the ToposPantou Net in order to gain knowledge and experience to develop their techniques and the expressive methods. The ultimate goal is to implement this new knowledge and experience towards Social problem- solving matters. Methods are a based upon action theater. For example a Theater action can be presented within the School Communities  (that are living through hard times of all levels) to fight off bullying. In the same concept events can be creative based on various matters to be presented in different spaces to challenge Diversity and Racism e.tc.

Apart of the above the network/platform will achieve:

–          Exchange good practices in the field of theater and Performative Arts and production,

–          Build  thematic offers within European scale

–          Raise public awareness

–          Work with local savoir-faire to develop by-products

–          Create Αartistic paths, Cross European Routes to promote heritage and connect cultures (landscape art, street art, e.t.c.)

Looking for Partners

Countries United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia , Montenegro, Albania,Tunisia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Czech republic, Georgia, Estonia, Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Norway.
Profile Theaters, theater organizations, Dramatic schools and Art/Music/Visual arts, Academies, art organizations, University Art departments