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Association for Culture and Education KIBLA is a non profit cultural organization from Maribor, Slovenia. KIBLA is the initiator of Maribor – European Capital of Culture 2012 and one of most prominent organizations in the field of art (interdisciplinary, intermedia, visual) and education (VET, informal education) in Slovenia and internationally.

We successfully coordinated two EU Culture funded projects: Hallerstein (cooperation with third countries) and X- OP – eXchange of art operators and art producers. We are currently a coordinator of a multiannual project Soft Control also in the programme EU Culture.

We are looking to join project applications in the field of interdisciplinary, visual arts and cultural heritage.  We are very skilled in organizing exhibitions, conferences, workshops, lectures, producing videos and web pages etc.

More: www.kibla.org



” Network of Urban Cultural Heritage Operators”.



 Agency Autonomous Institute of Studies and Research of Los Monegros (OAIEIM) 

This organization has experience in managing European projects and a journey of more than 10 years dedicated to relating the cultural and creative sectors activities. In particular, it covers the following areas: file, media, culture, education and training and new technologies.

Subject: Art Encounters

It is intended to carry out a cooperative project based on cultural promotion, encouraging transnational meeting of artists from different disciplines (painting, sculpture, photography,…) in order to develop their skills and experience, facilitate international mobility, strengthening cultural linkages and make their creations reach a wider audience.

Contact: Anabel Lacosta Lerín
e-mail: anabel@monegros.net




1. name of the organization and short description its activities:

 The Faculty of Art at Pedagogical University of Cracow.

For over 65 years the Pedagogical University of Cracow has taken the lead among pedagogical higher education institutions in Poland. It is exceptional because of its high prestige, professional education and modernity. The mission of the Pedagogical University is exercised by professional and experienced teaching staff who apply modern and up to date teaching contents. It is also expressed through scientific research, outlining new fields of scientific development, transmitting knowledge, and developing and enriching the personality of the graduates by educating them according to the highest European standards.


 The Faculty of Art employs 54 academics who carry out vivid artistic activities in the following artistic domains: Painting, Graphic Art, Sculpture and Artistic Photography, Multimedia, Activities in space. They also conduct academic research in the field of History of Art, Theory of Art and Culture, as well as in the Methods of Teaching in the Fine Arts. Moreover, they participate in the international exchange among the artists-teachers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine and the United States. The Faculty of Art is eligible  to confer the following degrees:

– Doctorus Habilitatus in Arts in the field of Fine Arts.

– Doctorate Degree in Arts in the field of Fine Arts.

The Faculty of Arts participated as an organizer or partner of cultural events, artistic and research projects, such as:

– The International Project “Towards the Image – Photography in Central Europe” was created on the initiative of long-term partners: the Museum of Photography (Muzeum Historii Fotografii) and the Pedagogical University of Cracow (Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie). The Project wos financed from the Visegrad Fund. http://www.towardstheimage.eu/

 Creativity for Mass Media Studies: Marketing Communication in the V4 Countries, Visegrad University Studies Grants.

Two artistic and research projects financed by the National Science Centre:

 From workshop graphics to digital media – generation experience of the artists living at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Action Calling project carried out together with Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia-Ufficio ERASMUS within the ERASMUS – Intensive Programmes.

2. project title and start / end date

“6 reasons for the shade.”

date: XII 2014 – XII 2018/

3. Programme strand

cooperation projects

4. field (architecture/ cultural heritage/ design&applied arts/ literature/ performing arts/ visual arts/ interdisciplinary)

5. short description of the project:

Project focused on problems concerning light and coexisting darkness. Light understood as a physical phenomenon and light beams, but also – as a philosophical concept and part of human existence. The project involves raising the issue of vision and perception processes between light, its density, function, meaning and shadow. Between the opposite phenomena, light and darkness, some important phenomena of everyday life that we sometimes miss may be placed. Artists, through their various productions and other creative methodologies, expand the boundaries of the discourse on using light as a tool in one’s productions which are spread between the objet d’art and site-specific installation up to photography and multimedia.

Planned activities:

– series of national and international exhibitions of currently working artists

– workshops

– discussion panel combined with an academic lecture on light,

– publication of a catalogue/bilingual book,

– publication of a book called “Polish Modern Light Art” by dr Paulina Tendera and dr hab. Leszek Sosnowski

– website (e.g. live video coverage of events)

– a film show presenting Polish and foreign films about the art of light.

6. who / what you are searching for:

Partners or Lider: cultural institutions, galleries of contemporary art.

7. website, e-mail, contact person:



8. contact:

Beata Długosz

e-mail: beata.dlugosz@gazeta.pl

Faculty of Art
Pedagogical University of Cracow
ul. Podchorązych 2
30-084 Kraków