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Annika Haas / Tallinna Valgusbiennaal



PAV, born in Rome in 2000, creates and develops cultural projects in partnership with artists and institutions. PAV deals with the production, management and administration of cultural events, festivals, performances and conferences at local and international level, with a deep experience in the field of the performing arts.

Our connection with the local cultural reality and our interest and experience in international projects makes us an exceptional hub for partnerships in Europe.
So we would like to propose ourselves as partners for cultural european projects you might be presenting for the next call for Creative Europe in case you are interested in working with Italy.

Here below a short description of our profile and our relevant projects / fields of action:

– We are the coordinator of one of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 winning projects “Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe” dedicated to contemporary dramaturgy involving 5 countries – Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany and France. The project involves a network of 16 theaters and festivals ( www.fabulamundieurope.eu ). PAV is also coordinator of the new edition of Fabulamundi for Creative Europe 2014-2020, therefore we cannot be coordinators in another project.

– PAV manages the Festival Short Theatre in Rome. Short Theatre promotes Italian and European artists keeping an eye on those already known to the audience, always focusing on contemporary and experimental dramaturgy. Short Theatre provides a glimpse of contemporary theatre, negotiating new and trespassable artistic and relational boundaries. (www.shorttheatre.org )

– PAV has always focused on the issues related to the audience, and the mediation between theatre and the spectators, by developing specific projects and working in collaboration with professional educators and pedagogy experts to find new ways to guide the audience through the theatre experience.

– PAV Diagonale Artistica and provides tailored strategies and procedures, created specifically for each company/artist in the fields of production, distribution, communication and promotion.

– We organise seminars, in partnership with European Embassies and Cultural Institutes in Rome, involving writers, intellectuals, philosophers to discuss on a number of issues with the aim of analysing and describing European cultural complexity.

We work with creativity, passion and professionalism. We invite you to visit our website ( www.pav-it.eu ) and contact us if you need any more information projects@pav-it.eu .

Let us know!


Claudia Di Giacomo, Roberta Scaglione

PAV di Claudia Di Giacomo, Roberta Scaglione
Via Buonarroti 30 – 00185 Roma
Tel. +39-06-44702823
Tel. e fax +39-06-49385619



Emergency Exit Arts (www.eea.org.uk ) are a London based arts charity who has been making work for 34 years. We deliver unforgettable theatrical and participatory experiences in public spaces. We work very closely with different communities. Please do have a look at our website for details. We are experienced in working internationally, with European partners, and have a strong financial and operational record

We are particularly good at taking work to people who do not usually access the arts, and therefore have many years experience with audience development. We also have a number of programmes which develop life skills of young people helping them succeed in life.

We are keen to develop projects with partners from different countries, and differing artistic backgrounds. If you are thinking of developing a project, where we might be a good partner, please feel free to be in touch with us.

Thanks for your time,


Tel: 020 8853 4809 Fax: 020 8858 2025
Premises Address: Rothbury Hall,
Azof Street, London, SE10 0EF
Postal Address: PO Box 570, London SE10 0EE
Emergency Exit Arts (LTD) Registered in England and Wales
Company Number: 2609490 Charity Number: 1004137 VAT Number: 494298886
EEA sends out regular e-newsletters, If you would like to receive information about our up and coming events, please email info@eea.org.uk


WE are available to be partners and involve to project in the frame of new “CREATIVE EUROPE. Dead line March 5, 2014
Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies is a non- profit, research Organisation specializes in theatre and arts performances, activities, workshops etc.

The Centre has significant teaching and performing experience in the Arts, Music, Theatre and Cultural studies.
It has a big Experience of EU projects and International Co-operation as it involved in Culture, Leonardo, Socrates projects in the past.

The CENTRE OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN THEATRE STUDIES is located in an renovated Neo-classical building at the centre of Athens (20, Sozopoleos str. 10446 ATHENS) and also it has its own theater building with 2 stages.

Its establishments are fully equipped for seminars and workshops directly related to Arts, Theatre, Teachers training as well as for various activities. The centre has its own Wardrobe, of theatre costumes, masks, hats and accessories.
The Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies has significant experience in the relation between Arts, Theatre and Education.

Contact details:
phone number +30-210 8656004
fax +30-210 8665254
skype nicholas.kamtsis

AEROPLIO-TOPOS ALLOu, Arts and theatre organisation

We are available to participate as project partners , in the frame of the new Culture project, “CREATIVE EUROPE” (Deadline March 5th, 2014)
AEROPLIO-TOPOS ALLOu, Arts and theatre organisation is an artistic theatrical non-profit organisation that was founded in 1985.
q Is a member of the ASSITEZ Greece
q Has participated in foreign Children Theatre Festivals like Munich, Paris
Helsinki. Chelmsford-England, Sofia-Bulgaria, Augsburg-Germany
q The plays it presents are always approved by the ministry of Education and Culture
q Is the Representative for Greece for the INTERPLAY Festival.
Last September AEROPLIO THEATRE entered its 28th year of rich and creative course in Theatre activities. Since 2000 performs in its own theatre space. A renovated Neo-classical building of 1925 of 450 m2 with two theatre spaces that will host 220 and 60 people accordingly. The name of the theatre is TOPOS ALLOu (a place elsewhere) and it presents performances for adults and children.
AEROPLIO is very experienced in European project and International co-operation as for the last 17 years it has been involved in numerous Culture, Leonardo, Socrates e.t.c. projects. Always in themes related to Theatre, Education and New the Technologies.

Contact details:
AEROPLIO-TOPOS ALLOu www.aeroplio.gr
phone number +30-210 8679535


The Cante de Las Minas Festival, with more than fifty editions, is one of the flamenco contests more acclaimed by audience and critics at global level. Recognised by National Tourist Interest declaration in 1982, an International Tourist Interest declaration in 2007, has also been awarded : in 2009 as the Spanish Cultural Event with more International Impact, in 2011 as the National Music Award, and it’s the only flamenco festival that can represent the ‘Marca España’ since 2013.
Cante de Las Minas Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main aim is linked to the implementation of general interest objectives related to its creation: investigation, publication, support to interdisciplinary projects and the organization of congresses and monographic encounters related to the world of flamenco. However its main activity will be linked to the management of the International Festival of Cante de Las Minas in La Unión, which is hold annually. The Foundation will carry out its work in the line initiated by the founders of the Festival, as well as of those who since then have devoted their activities, studies and investigation to the promotion of mining songs and the culture witihin the festival itself.

Vaata ka lisatud faili lk allosas.

Partner profile request
 Cultural operators related to flamenco
 Being a legal person for at least the last 2 years
 Experience in European projects will be appreciated
 Demonstrable operational capacity
Project leader and contact information
Cante de las Minas Foundation
Contact for partner search:
Inmaculada García Simó
Deadline for submission
March 5, 2014



“La Joven Compañía” is made up of around twenty youngsters between the ages of 18 to 23 who are mentored and trained by professionals from the Spanish theatre world to provide solutions to those youngsters who are looking to develop their professional careers, by getting them fully involved in the different facets of setting up new projects, as well as providing an awakening to youth involvement in theatre.

This organization is willing to participate as partner in the first calls (deadline March 2014), and is also looking for partners to submit a project of their own  in the second calls of the year.


Dear all,
We enclose a new partner search for the Cooperation projects call.

Cultural association Kaos (which works in the fields of arts, culture and education and has experience with international networks), is searching partners for the project “Identity..what can be …?”, focused in disadvantaged districts and including  artistic residences for dancers, cultural events and installations and the elaboration of several documentaries (24 hours in a district’s life through vision of dancers chosen for the project).

Europa Creativa Desk- Oficina Cultura España
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Plaza del Rey nº 1
28004 Madrid
Tfno: +34-91.701.71.15
E-mail: pcc.cultura at mecd.es<mailto:pcc.cultura at mecd.es>
<http://www.mcu.es/cooperacion/MC/PCC/index.html>PCC SPAIN<http://www.mcu.es/cooperacion/MC/PCC/index.html>


The company ‘Opera Estudi Barcelona’ is looking for other Opera Studios in Europe to join their project “European Cultural Opera”, allowing the students and professionals involved to participate together on an international level. (Singers, but also pianists specialized in accompanying singers, stage directors, scenery, costume and lighting designers, choreographers; that is to say, all specialties involved in the opera.)

Description of the project European Cultural Opera

1. My company ‘Opera Estudi Barcelona’ has been active since 2011.  We organize courses for singers in stage performance and vocal technique. We also stage small to medium scale opera concerts and performances, mostly distributed in Catalonia. We are resident in Fort Pienc Cultural Centre with an auditorium and rehearsal spaces.

The purpose is to provide training and couching for advanced students, professional singers and pianists (accompanists) in opera, to help them with their integration into the opera houses.

2. The idea of the project is to join with other Opera Studios in Europe for a common project, allowing the students and professionals involved to participate together on an international level. (Singers, but also pianists specialized in accompanying singers, stage directors, scenery, costume and lighting designers, choreographers; that is to say, all specialties involved in the opera.

This project would involve study exchanges within Europe; opera singers from one country would change with singers from another country to continue their studies with a different perspective; a stage director from Berlin comes to Barcelona for a month and his counterpart experiences the opera scene in Berlin.

The culmination of these exchanges between countries would be the formation of a ‘European Opera Company’ and the staging of ‘The European Opera’ (a journey in space and time).  This would be performed in theatres throughout Europe and we would also create a ‘video documentary’ of the process; a cultural event with the objective of introducing opera to many different audiences.

I hope that I have made the idea of the project clear. We would like to involve anybody interested in opera projects, whether or not they are part of an Opera Studio.

Isabel Franco www.isabelfranco-com.es Description of the project European Cultural Opera


We are searching for partners for the application to “Creative Europe 2014-2020” EU Program in the field of opera and ballet.

We are searching for partners for three projects which are being prepared for the application to “Creative Europe 2014-2020” EU Program and are professionals in the field of opera and ballet. The first project is White Swan – Teach by Magic – Ballet edition. The second project is “Bastien and Bastienne – Teach by Magic – Opera edition” and the third project is Teach by Magic – opera and ballet. In this letter we are presenting our first project.

Please read our short presentation about us and our project in the attachment. If your company would be interested in cooperation in one or more projects with us, please contact us through e-mail or phone number at the end of this letter.

Thank you very much and regards from Slovenia

Matej Rotovnik


operne, baletne in čarovniške predstave

slišimo | + 386 51  375 300    pišemo |  <mailto:helena at carobnadela.si> info at carobnadezela.si  beremo |  <http://www.carobnadezela.si/> www.carobnadezela.si FB |  <http://www.facebook.com/carovnikcarobnadezela> http://www.facebook.com/carovnikcarobnadezela


Teatr Baza

Teatr Baza is a theater and actors’ studio based in Warsaw, Poland. We are an independent, non-profit organization. Our association was founded in 2007, and in 2011 we got our own space in the Sielce district, where we have been working, rehearsing, and performing. In our practice, we use methods from Russian psychological theatre (Stanislavski, Meyerhold, M. Chekhov), as well as Polish alternative groups (J. Grotowski, Gardzienice). For most of our students (age 18-25), learning in the studio is the first professional experience in theatre. We pay special attention to their personal growth. Our productions always involve a team work, so that every actor can get creative and contribute something. Our recent works include: “The Seagull” (A. Chekhov), “The Wizard of Oz” (L. Frank Baum), “Roberto Zucco” (B.-M. Koltes), “White Nights” (F. Dostoevsky), “Side Effects” (D. Bogoslavsky), “The Hesitator” (H. Levin). In our performances we try to address issues that concern ourselves, e.g. interhuman relations, adolescence and generational conflicts, modern city life, artists and their dilemmas. Our audience consists mostly of young people and locals from the Sielce district.

We want to be the first contact point for young people interested in performing arts. We want to enable young actors to meet young directors and playwrights, with the goal of working together. We would like our theater to be the place where they get their first experience in professional theater. Our students take different career paths after graduating from the studio. Some of them stay and work in our theater, and others go to state artistic schools or pursue acting careers in theater and cinema.

We are very active in the local community, organizing cultural and educational events for people of all ages:

– – Our theater plays a significant role as a community center for local citizens. There are yoga and dance classes for adults, art classes for children, and a non-profit library. Locals meet here to discuss public affairs, and independent artists use our space to rehearse or show their work. There are exhibitions of art and photography, film projections, and live concerts.

– – We use performing as a tool for personal growth of various groups of people: children, adolescents, disabled, immigrants and others who take part in our acting workshops.

– – We organize and run urban games, so that Warsaw citizens can get to know their city and its history.

– – We promote theater by doing free, outdoor performances for children, as well as acting classes where we talk about our work.

We’ve been cooperating with many organizations, both Polish and foreign. In 2012 we organized a theater festival for independent theaters from countries of the former Soviet Union. We have done artistic exchanges with foreign youth theaters (e.g., Russia, Georgia), where our students took part in collective workshops and performances. We would like to get to know other young theater groups from all over Europe to share our methods and knowledge, and to let our students get to know different approaches to acting. We are also interested in projects concerning social issues, and those involving children, elderly people, immigrants, public space, social bonds, and civil activity.

Our idea:

We would like to take part in an artistic exchange with at least 2 other theater groups. The idea is to meet once a year, each time in a different country, and to have intensive theater workshops. We would like to invite experienced artists and educators from all over Europe, who are willing to share their approach to performing, and to teach our students various acting techniques. Each exchange might have a theme, and end with a performance open for the public. The project is supposed to last at least 3 years. The aim is an artistic and personal development of the participants (young actors, 18-25 years old), as well as sharing our experience related to audience development, team building and financing. We presume that each organization would play an equal part in the project and contribute in a similar extent.

We are open to your ideas as well.
Grzegorz Ryczywolski
Teatr Baza
+48 504 471 138

Allalaetavad failid