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Culture sub-Program

Strand/category CALLS FOR PROPOSALS – EACEA 06/2017 –

Support to European Platforms

Deadline 06 April 2017, 12:00 CET/CEST (Midday, Brussels time).

 Cultural operator(s)

Short description TOPOS PANTOU ( a place everywhere), a Pan European Net to connect Theaters, Arts and people and implement new ways to approach Controvercy, Divercity, Cultural and Social issues in general. A platform to bear New Ideas.
Contact details NIKOLAS KAMTSIS, Director    nkariel@gmail.com


Field(s) TOPOSPANTOU network

Creative problem-solving methods related to social, cultural & educational environments.

Audience development in relation with Culture and events connected to social issues, such as any kind of diversity, racism, bullying, trafficking etc)

The aim of the platform will be the exchange of young theater and performance art creators to develop new techniques to approach social problems through theater and numerous types of  arts.

Description This Platform will attempt to approach important Community issues and problems through Theater and the Arts.

By using theater techniques and different types of Theater practices, Theater can approach social problems such as Diversity, Bullying, Racism, Human trafficking, xenophobia and many more.

The net will promote the exchange between professionals from numerous fields of the Theater and the Performative Arts. Furthermore, the Net will promote the mobility of Young Artists to work with the Arts & Theater organizations of the ToposPantou Net in order to gain knowledge and experience to develop their techniques and the expressive methods. The ultimate goal is to implement this new knowledge and experience towards Social problem- solving matters. Methods are a based upon action theater. For example a Theater action can be presented within the School Communities  (that are living through hard times of all levels) to fight off bullying. In the same concept events can be creative based on various matters to be presented in different spaces to challenge Diversity and Racism e.tc.

Apart of the above the network/platform will achieve:

–          Exchange good practices in the field of theater and Performative Arts and production,

–          Build  thematic offers within European scale

–          Raise public awareness

–          Work with local savoir-faire to develop by-products

–          Create Αartistic paths, Cross European Routes to promote heritage and connect cultures (landscape art, street art, e.t.c.)



Looking for Partners


Countries United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia , Montenegro, Albania,Tunisia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Czech republic, Georgia, Estonia, Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Norway.
Profile Theaters, theater organizations, Dramatic schools and Art/Music/Visual arts, Academies, art organizations, University Art departments



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Culture sub-Program 

Strand/category Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód
Deadline 06.05.2017

 Cultural operator(s)

Name Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód
Short description . The scope of the Organisation activities include:
·         organising cultural and art events in the field of music, dance, visual arts, theatre, film, performing art and entertainment;·         publishing,·         organising art exhibitions,·         audio and video recording,

·         organising popular scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars,

·         organising training courses, art classes and workshops,

·         organising festivals, reviews, competitions,

·         cultural education and dissemination of culture,

·         promotion of new artistic phenomena,

·         supporting the development of young artists,

·         leading amateur bands and art groups,

·         creating conditions for conducting creative activities,

·         exchange of experiences between artists and cultural centres,

·         implementation of cultural projects of a social nature,

·         promoting, developing the idea of volunteering,

·         production and distribution of films, audio-visual recordings; multimedia presentations and advertising materials;

·         sale of artworks,

·         action to develop and meet the cultural needs of the residents;

·         running a cinema.

Contact details Dąbrówka Petrow
Chociebuska 4-6


Field(s) Film literacy, Festival, Literature, Music, Interdisciplinary projects, Audience development, Performative arts, Visual arts, Dance, Theatre
Description  The project  involves a number of joint artistic activities, among others, workshops, movies, dance, theater, whose main objective is the integration and social animation  children, youth, adults and disabled people from different countries.

By participating in free artistic workshops, including dance, theater, film and music, children and young people from different countries will be able to deepen, develop their cognitive sensitivity, creative thinking and imagination.

We wants to be a partner in a project.



Culture sub-Program

Strand/category/Call European cooperation projects – Small scale
Deadline October 2017

 Cultural operator(s)

Name and country Association of Citizens “Brewery Museum Georg Weifert”
Short description We are citizens association founded in April 2015 in Pancevo, in order to work on the renovation of material and spiritual heritage of the personality of great importance for Serbian history, Georg Weifert. Our head office is exactly in the Weifert Old Brewery, the oldest brewery in the Balkans, founded in the year 1722, which represents a cultural monument of great importance. With the aim of preserving the tradition of brewing beer, long nearly 300 years, we established a mini brewery, where in authentic surroundings of the Old Weifert Brewery, by the old, original recipes produces beer at crafts method. This year we were honored that His Excellency Mr. Dittmann Axell ambassador of Germany in Serbia has officially opened a museum of brewing. On January 12, along with the cultural and artistic society Sandor Petefi, we have celebrated the day of establishment of the Weifert Old Brewery. On this occasion, the Ambassador of Hungary in Serbia, His Excellency Mr. Attila Pinter c ooked th e beer and so continued humanitarian action “Beer brings us together”. The action began HE Mr. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador in Serbia
Contact details Mirela Flora
+38163/88 25 355
+38113/344 233

Proposed Creative Europe project

Field(s) Cultural heritage-creative history, art workshop
Description The main advantage is the complex of the Old Weifert’s brewery which is founded in 1722 and represents a cultural monument of great importance and the oldest brewery in the Balkan, which is situated in the heart of Pančevo. Because of the concept which is unique and covers an area of 12000 square meters, it is an inspiration to for artists from different fields and involves a set of activities. Consequently, this project is self-sustainable.
Action: creative history and art workshops – to enhance cooperation and contacts between people of different origins, to encourage creativity, and provide a driving force for cultural innovation and economic development, based on heritage, tradition and tourism.
Creative history and art workshop would represent international cultural center- a gathering place for artists, scientists, foreign and local tourists, cyclists, companies, schools, cultural stakeholders, place for scientific conferences and creative workshops.

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Countries All eligible countries
Preferred profile Organisation or institution that is engaged in culture, cultural centers, musums, universities, art academies…